Request a Student Club Website

Officially registered student clubs and organizations may request a website via the form below. The Office of Marketing and Communications and Information Technology Services have created a turn-key solution using the user-friendly content management system, Wordpress. When you request your official website, and once your information is verified, you will receive access to your new website.

See sample club website.



  • Before requesting a website keep in mind that starting a website is the easy part -- keeping your website up to date with current information takes time and dedication. Consider the reason(s) you want a website and make sure you have the manpower to keep it up to date.
  • Consider how you currently promote your club events and recruit members and then figure out how the website can supplement, enhance or even replace those existing efforts. On the other side of the coin, if your club is not very active, a website may not be necessary.
  • You will want to make sure you have content and photos ready to go at the time in which you make the request as you do not want an empty website on launch. At the minimum you should have an "about the club" page, contact information and perhaps an officers list or club roster.
  • During times of transition, such as between semesters or with new leadership, you will need to make sure contact information is accurate.
  • Once your website is live, it will be linked from the OSA student group listing page. However, club websites that fall out of date will have its link removed from this directory--note, the website will not be removed, just the link to it. These will be checked at a minimum of once each semester and periodic reminders may be sent. This guideline is intended to encourage the upkeep of websites.    

General Guidelines and Information:

  • Use official Elizabethtown College logos or wordmarks on your student club website. Please refer to the College Identity Guide if you have questions. (Available from the Office of Marketing and Communications). Websites not in compliance with official College branding could be temporarily disabled.
  • Only one website per student group will be approved. Please plan on making transitions and passing along log-in information and details about your process as club leadership changes. The new website request system will help make this process easy. In the past, it has been evident that clubs had to start all over again because website knowledge and log-in credentials left with graduation student leaders. This new process hopes to prevent this.
  • When you make your website request, please provide the official club email address; this will insure that, regardless of the specific people leading the organization at the time of the request, there will be a consistent log-in for the website. This will prevent website information being lost when someone graduates or moves on.