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Neuroscientists and sociologists alike are fascinated by networks. Our brains develops skills and creative solutions by linking previous pieces of information in complex ways. Similarly, people find jobs, marriage partners, and friends through linking with others who connect them with new networks of relationships. So it is with finding the right college. How did Chris Tjaden ’12 end up enrolling at Elizabethtown College?  Billy Houder ’05 tells the story:


I met Chris via Jill (Brobst) McDermott '05.  Chris was a cross country runner at Concord High School. Chris was very much connected to Jill, she introduced us and he became very close to me as well.  As he approached his college search, he starting looking at schools and really liked what Jill and I had to say about E-town.  He loved it and enrolled.  Once he arrived on campus, he got involved in everything he could.  Obviously, I was already gone so we didn't overlap at all as students at E-town, but we kept in touch and still do to this day.  


According to Chris, “When I was just starting to check out colleges in high school I distinctly remember talking to both Billy and Jill about the environment at E-town and how they thought it would be an excellent fit for me given my personality and interests. What stuck out to me when I first stepped foot on the campus was just how accurate Billy and Jill’s words were. I did not set up a tour, I simply walked around. As I walked, I was blown away at how welcoming everyone was to me. People smiled and said hello and didn’t treat me like I was an outsider, despite the fact they clearly knew I was just a kid in high school trying to find my way. It was this initial experience that validated Billy and Jill’s words and soon after led to them bringing me to campus to meet the great people in the Alumni and Admissions Departments that I am now proud to call friends.” 


Chris graduated with a major in Communications with a Corporate Concentration, and now lives in Wilmington, Delaware, where he works as part of Staples’ B2B sales leadership team. Billy majored in Business Administration with a minor in Communications; he lives in Philadelphia where he works at The University of Pennsylvania as the Associate Director of MBA Admissions for the Wharton School of Business. And he’s still networking for E-town as a proud member of the College’s Alumni Council.

If anyone has more networking stories like those of Billy and Chris, please send them in.   

Chris Tjaden ’12 as a very cool Elizabethtown College student back in the day. 



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