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When people think of college students, they see an 18 to 22 year old individual getting used to living without mom and dad, and thinking about the world of full-time work lying ahead. For millions of students, that picture doesn’t fit. They’re older, work full-time, and have been on their own for years. Elizabethtown College’s School for Continuing and Professional Studies educates almost 700 adults in evening, weekend, and on-line classes. Mark Zimmerman exemplifies many who’ve graduated from the School. The son of a carpenter, Mark started working at the College in 1995 as a painter and carpenter. His first course at the college was a computer applications MSDOS course in 1997. “My passion for learning was sparked after that class and I started looking into taking other classes which could provide me additional skills and knowledge.” By 2002, he earned a Certificate in Management from the School, then his Associates Degree in 2005, and his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2011. Over 14 years, “I was able to take just about every form of class possible, day and evening courses, online, hybrid and lab/field coursework to name a few.” Adult education can be a challenge, but Mark says, “Every time I felt overwhelmed with too much work, I would be constantly reminded that others with even more responsibility were there alongside of me getting it done. The single mother of three children, taking time to get an education to improve her job skills and opportunities so that she could provide a better life for her children. That is what would always bring me back to my own reality.” His advice for others: “Keep at it! Stay grounded and work hard. The reward of knowledge for me is the sense of pride, stewardship and service. I had a wonderful experience receiving my education through Elizabethtown College and the SCPS.” Mark’s hard work paid off for both him and the College. In 2013, he was appointed Director of Facilities Management, responsible for a $175 million set of facilities and a workforce of 70. We are proud of Mark and all of the School for Continuing and Professional Studies’ 2,000 graduates.  

Mark at the construction site for the Young Center expansion

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