A college campus is one small place on a vast globe, but its reach goes around the world.
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What Makes a Community?

Our Elizabethtown College campus is seemingly a small place on a vast globe, but in reality, our reach extends around the world. This came home to my wife Gail and me a few weeks ago when we traveled to Japan to renew the College's long-time connection to Nihon University, Japan's largest university, and hosted an event in Tokyo for E-town alumni and friends. Over the last 20 years, 400 Japanese students have studied English during summers at E-town, 20 have come as study abroad students, 50 U.S. students have studied Japanese at Nihon and many of our Japanese alumni have gone on to do great things. One alum is a university president, others hold prominent positions in business, and Mrs. Kyoko Akanoma '67 serves as an Advisory Trustee of the College and helped create our ties to Nihon. But our reach is broader still. In 1979, after radiation was released during the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, Japanese engineers and scientists, with expertise on the effects of radiation, came to offer assistance. During their months in the U.S., they and their families were welcomed by faculty and staff members at the College, took classes, and forged friendships that have lasted decades. It's a joy to know that E-town's love of learning and service has spanned the globe through the years. 

Tokyo Etown Alumni Event May 27, 2017
Tokyo Etown Alumni Event May 27, 2017

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