Registration FAQs for the Traditional College

1. Why do I have a HOLD?

Prior to registration, students are required to consult with their academic advisor regarding course selection, course sequences, graduation requirements, etc.  An Advising Hold is placed onto every students academic record to guarantee students have completed this important task in the registration process. Appointments should be made with advisors during the advising period prior to open registration.  Refer to the semesters Important Dates for timelines associated with advising and registration each semester. 

Students who have a “Hold” on their record will not be able to register for courses until the hold is removed. Contact the appropriate office (listed in the hold message on JayWeb) for more details. Also, the Registration & Records Office will not be able to register students in courses, if they have a hold. A students primary advisor is responsible for lifting the advising hold.

An Advising Hold is placed on the student’s account until the student meets with his/her advisor . The Advising Hold prevents students from registering for courses. ONLY the students primary advisor can lift the advising hold. Your primary advisor is associated with your major.   If you have a double major, your primary advisor is the advisor associated with your first major.

2. Where can I find a complete list of course offerings?

The Course Listings webpage is designed to inform students on scheduling opportunities over various semesters OPEN for registration. Students are encouraged to waitlist in a course when a course is full.  Students are responsible for meeting all course pre-requisites and co-requisites.  JayWeb does not allow students to register into a course if they have not met pre/co-requisites.  

3. What if the course I need to take is not offered?

The college offers course registrations under the heading of Alternative Study Options outlined in the Online Catalog.  Alternative study options include: independent study, directed study, tutorials, and internships. Forms associated with each registration can be found on the Forms and Emails webpage. Please refer to the semesters important dates for availability and submission deadlines.  Check with the department governing the course discipline for specific forms relating to internship registration.

4. What does Register by Instructor (RBI) mean?

Some courses are designated as Register by Instructor (RBI, RHC, PRBI and RBWR). This will be designated as a "course reminder" located below the course description on the Course Listing. Register by Instructor notations also appear in the “Notes” field of the Course Details in JayWeb. In order to enroll in these courses, a student must contact the instructor or department hosting the course. JayWeb will not allow students to register themselves in these courses. If the course does not appear on your JayWeb schedule two weeks after registration week, contact the instructor or department offering the course.

5. Where can I find the form to REPEAT a previously letter-graded course?

Students who are planning to repeat a course for which they had received a grade of ‘C-‘, ‘D+’, ‘D’, or ‘D-‘ are encouraged to talk with their financial aid advisor prior to enrolling in the course. Students must also complete a Repeat form . Completed forms should be submitted on or before the completion of registration.

REMINDER: When repeating a course to earn a different grade, the original grade remains on the transcript but is removed from calculation of the grade point average, course credits are counted only once toward degree, program, and overall credit requirements.  Only the last (i.e., most recent) grade earned for the course is counted in the grade point average.

6. How will I know if a seat becomes available in my Waitlisted Course?

A date and time stamp is associated with each course schedule change during Registration. Students on the waitlist for a course are in a specific order from earliest to latest requests. Students are enrolled into waitlisted courses as spaces become available and based on their Waitlisted registration date and time. A message will be sent to the student via email if he/she is taken off the waitlist and enrolled in a course. Waitlisting for a course does not guarantee enrollment in that course. If a waitlisted student drops that course from his/her schedule, then the student forfeits his/her place in line for that course. If the student waitlists the course again, he/she will now be at the end of the line instead of the earlier position.

NOTE: JayWeb will not allow students to waitlist for a course if the addition of those credits would put the student into an overload (more than 18 credits). For example, if a student is enrolled in 15 credits, JayWeb will not allow a student to waitlist a 4 credit course. There are two ways to get around this: (1) the student can temporarily drop a registered course, add the waitlisted course, and then re-add the course that was dropped. Students should be sure the course that is being temporarily dropped has plenty of empty spaces so there is no problem re-enrolling; (2) students may contact the Registration & Records office and asked to be placed on the waitlist for the course. A student cannot waitlist a course that meets during the same time as a course in which he/she is enrolled without assistance from the Office of Registration and Records. Should a seat become available, the student will need to resolve the time conflict in order to enroll in the course.

7. Am I a Rising Senior prevented from enrolling in Core? 

A ‘Rising Senior’ includes anyone who has completed 72 or more completed credits . Seniors and Rising Seniors who would like to take a core class for a free elective may not enroll in the course until after all students have had an opportunity to register.

  • Online registration for core classes will be available to all seniors and rising seniors after all students have had the opportunity to register for classes in accordance with the published registration time line.
  • If you need to take a core class to fulfill a major, minor or core requirement, complete the Verification of Need to Enroll in Core Course Form (available on JayWeb or the R&R Office) and return it to Registration & Records before registration week opens. If the course is found to be an unmet requirement for a major, minor or core requirement, the student will be enrolled in the core course, if space is still available. If the course is full, the student will be waitlisted in the section they requested. Students not approved will be notified. The submission of the form does not guarantee enrollment into the course.

8. What courses have additional fees?

There is an additional fee for certain Physical Education courses: e.g. Bowling, etc. Most studio art courses and some communications courses require an extra fee for course materials and supplies. If a course has an additional fee, it will appear under the “Notes” heading on the course details page in JayWeb. For a complete list of courses with additional fees, visit the Registration web page. There is an additional fee for private music lessons for non-music majors. Until the fourth week of the semester, the student is invoiced for the lessons received. Anyone still registered as of the end of the fourth week of the semester is responsible for the full semester’s charges.

9. What is the maximum number of credits that can be taken each semester?

Students may register for a maximum of 18 credits. Students desiring to take credits in excess of 18 must complete an Overload Petition. The additional per credit fee associated with each credit in excess of 18 credits is outlined on the Business Office website. A cumulative GPA of 3.2 is required to carry over 18 credits; the maximum credit load allowed is 20 credits.

10. How do I know if the course is approved as Core or Signature Learning?

Core courses are designated by the code at the beginning of the course title in the Course Listings webpage. It is also designated in the course description in parentheses. Course Listing is searchable by Core using the Advanced Options drop-down box. 

Every enrolled student at Elizabethtown College must complete at least two Signature Learning Experiences (SLE) as part of their graduation requirements. In consultation with their academic advisor, students will select at least two of the following five Signature Learning Experiences: supervised research; community-based learning; cross-cultural experiences; internships, field experiences or practicums; and capstone experiences.

  • To learn more about the Core Program and Signature Learning, visit our “Core and SLEs” webpage.
  • Course Listing is searchable by Signature Learning Experience using the Advanced Options drop-down box.

11. Can I take a course at another college or university?

Students who plan to take coursework off-campus over the summer must complete the Off-Campus Approval Form . After you complete the course, remember to have your transcript sent to the Registration & Records office so the coursework may be added to your record.  Courses letter-graded as a C- or better are eligible for transfer.  Credits transfer but not grades.

First-Year Students and Transfer Students, who took coursework at other colleges and requested an official transcript to be sent to Elizabethtown, should verify that the courses have transferred. (Check the “Course History” window under the Advising heading in JayWeb.)

12. How do I file a formal complaint about my Distance Learning Experience?

Elizabethtown College strives at all times to provide the highest quality of service and the best student experience possible. In the event that you have a serious complaint against the College, please review your options for filing a Distance Education Complaint.