Honors LLC                            


All first year students who are accepted into the Honors program live in this residence. The Honors LLC is also open to upperclassmen who wish to continue the experience of living in this active, engaged community.

Honors LLC Mission:

The Honors LLC seeks to enhance and strengthen the Honors Program community at Elizabethtown College. The Honors LLC provides students with an academic and social network, in which students are encouraged to pursue academic excellence, engage in campus co-curricular activities, and embody the ideals of campus citizenship.   

 Honors LLC Objectives:

  1. The LLC will provide an environment that fosters academic excellence.
  2. Students will develop a sense of community within the Honors Program.
  3. Students will cultivate meaningful academic and social relationships with other students and faculty associated with the LLC.
  4. Students will participate in one or more co-curricular, community, or service-related activities. 

Residence Hall: Schlosser Hall

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kyle Kopko, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Honors Program