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Join us for the ninth annual Into the Campus on Saturday, April 7, 2018! This year's campus-wide event is a collaborative effort with Student Senate and Facilities Management, and will provide alumni, students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to work together on seasonal spring projects that will beautify the campus.

The day will begin in the Koons Activity Venue (KĀV) and will include light refreshments and lunch.

Event Schedule:

  • 8:30 a.m.
    • Light refreshments
    • Koons Activity Venue (KĀV), Brossman Student Center
  • 9 a.m.
    • Welcome
  • 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
    • Service projects throughout campus
      • Various projects in and around academic buildings
      • Cutting back/removing brush
      • Raking spreads
      • Weeding 
  • 12 – 1 p.m.
    • Lunch
    • Acknowledgement of volunteers 


  • This event will take place rain-or-shine with indoor activities scheduled in case of inclement weather
  • Attire is weather-appropriate work clothes
  • Deadline to register is Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Contact us at or 800-877-2604 with questions.


Into the Campus 2017

With more than 180 alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends in attendance, this year's Into the Campus Volunteer Day was an overwhelming success. This campus-wide event was a collaborative effort with Student Senate, and provides alumni, students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to work together on seasonal spring projects that helped to beautify the campus!




Volunteer Listing for Into the Campus 2017

A special thank you goes out to the following list of alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends who participated in this year's Into the Campus Volunteer day (names are listed alphabetically)

Julia Aleo

Tajanae Baker

Keith Barash

Kelly Barnett

Stephanie Bellott

Gerry Berdanier

Matthew Berezny

Megan Bernth

Erick Blank

Alicia Bohn

Anh Bui

Hannah Burleigh

Madison Burnham

Emily Buss

Matthew Butera

Erika Butler

Andrew Calnon

Nichole Campbell

Lachelle Carmona

Morgan Chambers

Winsum Chang

Alexandra Charnigo

Emma Christman

Michelle Clapper

Mark Clapper

Jessi Clark

Danielle Cockey

Courtney Comer

Shannon Conlon

Sarah Conway

Rachel Craft

Conor Csongradi

Lauren Cugliotta

Chelsea Dantona

Zachary Dennin

Kathryn Derreth

Steve Di Grazia

Alena DuDevoir

Helen Ebersole

Adelyn Enders

Gillian Engelbrecht

Nathan Eshleman

Daniel Esteves

Tiana Ferrante

Sean Fiedler

Emily Fishkind

Margaret Fix

Loretta F Fleming

Kelly Frace

Holly Francescone

Alyssa Frankenfield

Kaitlyn Freed

Jenn Gallo

Jeff Gamble


Katelyn Gebbia

Olivia Geiger

Courtney Gelb

Maria Giamba

Alex Gibboney

Thomas Giorgi

Rick Gressley

Joan Guerin

Sarah Guttman

Jason Halberstadt

Becky Hamme

Martha Harnish

Kayla Heisey

Aidan Helm

Erin Hensel

Julie Hess

Jack Hess

Kayla Hess

Jacki Hikes

Patti Hivner

Lindsay Hoagland

Lindsay Hockman

Sara Holsing

Amy Hough

Catherine Hughes

Isobelle Hughes

Alexandra Jacobs

Kevin Jacoby

Emma Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Madison Johnson-Chen

Hannah Keeports

Dannielle Kerstetter

Ally Killen

Kimberly Kim

Morgan King

Kaitlyn Knecht

Matt Koerber

Jennah Krause

Mark Krebs

Jacob Krebs

Dena Krebs

Sara Kroboth

Rebekah Kroll

Tyler Kunkle

Bud Kyle

Josef Lacher

Tyler Latshaw

Lydia Lawson

Gaia Lazzarini

Jamie Lees

Carlie Lepley

Bradley Levine

Amy Lieberman

Sophia Long

Lacey Mac-Rhyann

Emily Martin

Giovanna Martinez

Jessica Mauro

Brendan McDonough

Sophie McKnight

Kelly Merroth

Vicky Metal

Leanna Miller

Kaitlyn Miller

Aubrey Mitchell

Mahmood Mohammad

Adam Moore

Katrina Morales

Sarah Moyer

Tara Murray

Joanne Nace

Cody Nace

Collin Nace

Conner Nace

Kevin Nace

Rachael Nelson

Steven Onorato

Ben Osterhout

Paige Oustrich

Victoria Pagano

Cynthia Page

Evan Pallante

Hailey Parks

Brad Peterson

Debra Peterson

Paul Peterson

Allison Plotts

Sarah Pomerantz

Alyssa Pumputis

Caitlin Pysher

Amity Radcliff

Emily Reese

Jennifer Ricthie

Ramon Rios

Monica Robinson

Sarah Roesner

Adeline Romig

Marissa Rossi

Kerry Roush

Lynx Roush

Madison Roush

Logan Roush

Katie Rozman

Maddie Rutherford

Ryan Sagedy

Adam Saubel

Bristol Sauer

Jeremy Schmoel

Colby Schweibenz

Emily Seratch

Elle Shatto

Keena Singletary

Allie Slate

Janelle Sovay

Margee Stevenson

Megan Stoermer

Molly Templin


Megan Tindell

Jack Trego

Alexis Trionfo

Ryan Unger

Lianne Uroda

Matt Van Pelt

Rebecca Voler

Haley Vozzella

Rebecca Walck

Ken Wallace

Dylan Warner

Ethan Waugh

Paige Weber

Julie Weeks

Katelyn Weiler

Abigail Whitehead

Kristin Wilkinson

Courtney Wood

Megan Wynings

Rebecca Young

Tara Young

Tom Yurkovic

Patrick Zabolotny

Kelly Zielinski