Undergraduate Fellows in Ethical Leadership & Service

Recipients of the Founders and Deans Scholarship participate in the Undergraduate Fellows in Ethical Leadership and Service program, focused on developing lives of ethical leadership and life-long service and philanthropy. This select group of students has the unique opportunity to join with other high-achieving students who are passionate about discovering ways to lead and serve the world around us.

Undergraduate Fellows

What will I do as an Undergraduate Fellow?

First Year

Fall: Undergraduate Fellows move into the College one day early (Thursday), and participate in an Ethical Leadership and Service  Retreat.

Spring: Undergraduate Fellows participate in two small group Strengths Coaching sessions.

Sophomore Year

Fall: Undergraduate Fellows develop their own Into the Streets service and leadership project.  

Spring: Undergraduate Fellows may apply for a spot on the Founders Heritage field trip, led by the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies.

Junior Year

Fall: Undergraduate Fellows may apply for one of 40 spaces to participate in the Poverty Simulation, or one of 4 spaces for The Heifer Global Village Experience.  Those attending will present on Scholarship and Creative Arts Day. 

Spring: Undergraduate Fellows may apply to win one of two $1,500 senior stipends for a service or philanthropic experience of their own vocation, life calling and imagination. 

Senior Year

Fall: Undergraduate Fellows will take the Kouzes and Posner Student Leadership Challenge and review results with a faculty or staff mentor.  UG Fellows will write a personal Ethic of Leadership to present in the Spring at either Scholarship and Creative Arts Day or the year-end Dinner.

Spring: Undergraduate Fellows gather for the Founders and Deans Scholars Ethical Leadership and Service Dinner, with an alumni speaker.