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Online Graduate Certificate in
Medical Spanish

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Why Earn a Graduate Certificate in Medical Spanish from Etown SGPS?

Pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Medical Spanish from Elizabethtown College empowers healthcare professionals to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps in patient care. This program, taught by experienced faculty, focuses on enhancing communication with Hispanic/Latinx patients, crucial in today's diverse healthcare settings. With courses in medical terminology, cultural sensitivity, and interpretation skills, you'll gain valuable tools to provide compassionate and effective care, aligning with Etown's mission of service and social justice. This investment in your professional development is essential for delivering high-quality, inclusive healthcare.

Program Outcomes:

  • Acquire and use a variety of medical terminology in Spanish and modify language register as appropriate to their audience.
  • Analyze, critique, and articulate barriers facing Hispanic/Latinx patients within regional health systems.
  • Describe best practices of interpretation, confidentiality, and ethical linguistic practice.
  • Identify, describe, and respond to cultural factors that influence practices and information related to illness, well-being, and health care.
  • All students who successfully complete the program will be encouraged to sit for the ALTA Clinician Cultural and Linguistic Assessment Test (CCLA) or the Qualified Bilingual Staff Test (QBS).
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Enhance Your Healthcare Career with Spanish Proficiency

Pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Medical Spanish at Elizabethtown College opens doors to various career opportunities in the health care sector. This program is particularly beneficial for aspiring or current administrators, offering essential skills for roles like Nurse Manager, Clinical Manager, Health Director, Nursing Home Administrator, and Director of Clinical Services. Healthcare systems are increasingly seeking nurses, doctors, therapists, administrators, and other personnel that can overcome language and cultural barriers to improve provider-patient communication while enhancing quality of care and patient safety. The mission and deep heritage of Elizabethtown College, complements our program's intentional and quality approach to healthcare. We believe that healthcare should be accessible, compassionate, and communicative, and that our efforts can make a positive impact on society.

Understand Tuition Costs and Explore Scholarship Opportunities

The Graduate Certificate in Medical Spanish is priced at $525 per credit. Scholarships and financial aid are available to make your Etown SGPS education even more affordable. Below are just a few of the scholarships and programs available to students:

  • Alumni Scholarship: 15% tuition discount, available to Elizabethtown College alumni.
  • Affinity Partner Scholarship: 15% discount, offered to employees of organizations partnered with Etown SGPS.
  • Jay Fellowship Referral Program: This is a referral program that benefits both current students/alumni and prospective students. When a student or alum refers a new student, both the referrer and the referred student receive a complimentary credit for their program of interest.

Tuition and fees are reviewed and subject to change annually.

Tuition & Aid 

Online Graduate Certificate in Medical Spanish

The Graduate Certificate in Medical Spanish from Elizabethtown College requires 15 credit hours of academic work. Four of the five courses in the program will be instructed in Spanish to continue a progression of language development and acquisition that will strengthen a student’s readiness to sit for either exam.

Course Catalog  Academic Calendar 

Application Requirements & Process

To be eligible to apply to this program, you will need to:

  • Have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Have previously worked or be currently working in the medical field. An understanding of medical concepts will be required for the successful completion of this program.
  • Have an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher (waivers can be granted based on professional work experience and other factors).
  • Have a minimum of three years of professional leadership/management experience.
  • Have time to devote to your coursework; in an accelerated program, time spent outside of class is considerable.

  •  Contact or meet with our admissions staff for guidance and to find out more information.
  •  Complete the graduate application via the online portal which includes the submission of a $25 nonrefundable application fee, which is waived for Elizabethtown College graduates.
    • You will need to request official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions you have attended and upload your current resume.
    • Additionally, prepare a 1-2 page essay addressing your motivation for pursuing the graduate certificate, a statement of professional goals, and goals for the application of the graduate certificate to your professional life.
  • You will take a Spanish placement exam or demonstrate recent completion of a 300-level Spanish course. Students who request admission to the program will be tested through the online Emmersion which provides students with a defined placement level.
  •  After submitting your application, the SGPS Management Team will review it and make an admissions decision.
  •  If accepted, you will receive an initial offer letter via the applicant portal, which you must accept to proceed with matriculation.
  •  If there are any questions or concerns, the admissions team will contact you for further discussion.
  •  After successfully completing your Elizabethtown College graduate certificate, students may complete the Advance in Graduate Certificate or Degree form in the JayWeb student portal to apply to a future graduate certificate or graduate degree. Additional materials may be required, depending on the program of interest.

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