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Resources for Current Students

Multiple Topics 
Chemical and Physical Constants
    NIST Chemistry Web Book
        Web Elements
        Fundamental Physical Constants (NIST)
        Amino Acids Database (Berlin)
        Protein Data Bank (RCSB)
        Image Library of Biological Molecules (Jena Univ.)
        All the Virology on the Web (Tulane Univ.)
        Pedro's Biomolecular Research Tools (Univ. Duesseldorf)
Quantum and Computational Chemistry
        Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry (Univ. Georgia)
        Center for Molecular Modeling (NIH)
        Center for Scientific Computing (Finland)
        Cornell Theory Center
        Atomic Orbitals
History of Science
        Chemical Heritage Foundation
        Materials Safety Data Sheets
        Hazardous Chemical Database (Univ. Akron)
        Envirofacts Warehouse (EPA)
        Smells Database (U Cal, Berkeley)

Molecular Gallery

        Molecule of the Month (Oxford Univ)
        Common Molecules Collection (Reciprocalnet)
        Rasmol & Chime Homepage (Univ. Mass)
        Molecular Models from Chemistry (Tom Zamis, U. Wisc., Stevens Point)
        C4 Molecular Library (Cabrillo College)
        Hyperactive Molecules (Henry Rzepa, Imperial Coll., UK)
        Molecular Structure Center (Univ. Indiana)
        Molecular Graphics Art Show (Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society)
        ChemViz (NCSA)
        Chemist's Art Gallery (Center for Scientific Computing, Finland)
        Nanoworld (Univ. Wisc.)
        Library of 3-D Molecular Structures (NYU)
        Molecular Viewing Gallery (Dublin City Univ)
        3D Virtual Chemistry Library (Imperial Coll, UK)
        Molecular Models for Biochemistry (Carnegie Mellon Univ)
        On-Line Macromolecular Museum (Kenyon Coll.)
        Dendrimers (Cal Tech)
        Hemoglobin (U Mass)
Crystal Structures
        Solid State Chemistry with Chime (Wayne Anderson, Bloomsburg Univ.)
        Crystal Lattice Structures (Naval Research Laboratory)
        Crystal Structures  (Aprendelo)
        Inorganic Crystals (LSU)
        Molecular Animations (Imperial Coll., UK)
        Molecular Movies
        Molecular Dynamics Simulations (IBM)
        Molecular Vibration Animations (U Cal, Berkeley)
        STM Image Gallery (IBM)

Digital Libraries

Analytical Sciences Digital Library 
California Digital Library (Univ. of CA)
     Journals, abstracts, databases focusing on science, technology, industry
Internet Public Library
     A "public library of and for the internet community"
Electronic Text Center (Univ. of VA)
     An Internett-accessible collection of SGML texts and images
Highwire Press (Stanford Univ.)
     Links to jouurnals and other research content providers focusing on science, technology, medicine
NASA Astrophysics Data System (Harvard Univ.)
     Specializing in astronomy, astrophysics, physics, geophysics, instrumentation
Visible Human Project (Nat. Libr. Medicine / Nat. Inst. Health)
     Anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies
The Brain and Cognitive Sciences Community Online (MIT)
     (licensed, but free trial available)
The Perseus Digital Library (Tufts Univ.)
     Source materials in the humanities
Project Gutenberg
     Literature and Reference works
Project Bartelby (Columbia Univ.)
     Great Books Online
MapMachine (National Geographic Society)


Chemical Bibliographies

History of Chemistry
   WWW Virtual Library -- History of Science, Technology & Medicine
   The alchemy web site and virtual library
   History and Philosophy of Science
   History of Chemistry

Philosophy of Chemistry
   A guide to philosophy on the Internet   
   Science Studies
   Philosophy of Chemistry Resources
   HYLE Collected Bibliography "Philosophy of Chemistry"

Chemistry Indices and Links at Other Sites

ACS Chem Center
The Analytical Chemist's Springboard (Umeaa Univ., Sweden)
Chem Center (American Chemical Society)
ChemDex (Mark Winter, Univ. of Sheffield, UK)
Chem Finder (Cambridge Soft)
Chem Pointers (UCLA)
ChemWeb [World Wide Club for the Chemical Community]
Chemical Information Sources (Indiana University)
Chemicool (David Hsu)
Chemistry Education Resources  (Univ. Wash.)
Chemistry Index (Rolf Claaessen)
Chemistry Site Review List (J. Chem. Educ.)
Chemistry Teaching Resources (Umeaa Univ, Sweden)
CIRRUS [Chemistry Internet Resource for Research by Undergrad Students] (Pacific Lutheran Univ.)
Elemental Discoveries (Cambridge Soft)
Galaxy Chemistry
General Chemistry Starting Points (Simon Fraser Univ., CA)
The Home Page for Chemists (Chemie.DE)
NIU Cheminformatics Site (Northern Ill. Univ.)
Ohio Supercomputing Center
Silicon Graphics Teaching Laboratory (SGI)
UK Chemical Database Service
The Virtual Chemistry Center (Martindale's Graduate and Undergraduate Center)
The Wired Chemist (Franklin and Marshall College)

Chemistry on Network Search Engines

World Wide Colleges and Universities

Chemistry Journals

Collections and Indices
        Chem Port [Connection to full-text journals on the web]
        American Chemical Society Publications
        OCLC [Online Computer Library Center]
        New Jour [Electronic Jorunals and Newsletters]
        Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
        Electronic Newspapers and Magazines
        Elsevier Science Publications
        Wiley On-Line Journals
        University of Chicago Press - Journals Division
        California Digital Library
        Chemistry Preprint Server
        CrossFire Beilstein & CrossFire Gmelin
        HighWire Press (Stanford)
        Information Bridge (DOE)
        Ingenta (170 publishers)
        Science Direct (Elsevier)
Individual Titles
Chemical and Engineering News
        Central European Journal of Chemistry
        Electronic Journal of Theoretical Chemistry
        Internet Journal of Chemistry
        Journal of the Chemical Computing Group
        Journal of Chemical Education On-Line
        Journal of Molecular Modeling
        The Chemical Educator
        Theoretica Chimica Acta
        HYLE (An international Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry)
        Science Online (ScienceNOW)
Electronic Delivery
        Los Alomos National Laboratory e-Print Archive
        BioMed Central
        BioMedNet (Elsevier)
        BioOne (35 publishers)
        Medline (NIH)
        PubMed Central (NIH)
        American Physical Society Research Journals
        Chemical Physics Preprints
        Cornell University & Los Alomos preprint server
        Optical Society of America Electronic Publications Server
Computing Sources
        Computer Magazine Archive

Chemistry Newsgroups and Discussion Lists

Computational Chemistry List (Ohio Supercomputer Center)
Chemistry Education Discussion List - Archive
Chemistry-Telementoring (undergraduate chemistry student discussion list)
Chem Web - The World Wide Club for the Chemical Community
The Chemistry Place

Chemistry Education Projects

        The MoleCVUE Project (Elizabethtown's own)

        Discoveries (Chemical Heritage Foundation)

Current NSF Projects
        Mocular Chem (Univ. Calif., Berkeley)
        New Traditions (Univ. Wisc.)
        Molecular Science Project (UCLA)
        Workshop Chemistry (CUNY)
ACS Projects
        MADCP [Middle Atlantic Discovery Chemistry Project] (F & M College}
        C4 - Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College
        Chemistry Animation Project (Cal Tech)
        CTI Center for Chemistry (Univ. Liverpool, UK)
        Computers in Physics Education (Univ. MD)
        Center for Instructional Technology (Univ. NC)
        Molecular Modeling Workshop (Univ. Mass)
        Virtual Chemistry (Oxford Univ., UK)
        Vis Chem (Univ. Western Sydney, AU)

Chemical Software Sources

        Indiana University Archive of Biology Data and Software
        Reviews of Chemical Software
Freeware / Shareware / Software Exchanges
        Rasmol & Chime
        Molecular Visualization Software
        Journal of Chem Educ Software
        Washington University ftp archive
        Oregon State University ftp archive
        Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange
        Cornell Theory Center - Visualization Resources
        Washington University ftp Archive
        Garbo Shareware Program Distribution Library
Sources to Purchase a wide variety of software
        Penn State Bookstore (available also at Capitol Campus, Middletown, PA)
        Microsoft, Inc.
Commercial Sources of Scientific Software
        Cambridge Software [Chem Draw]
        Hypercube, Inc. [Hyperchem]
        Mathsoft, Inc. [Mathcad]
        Molecular Simulations, Inc.
        National Instruments [Labview]
        Oxford Molecular
        Softshell [Chem Windows]
        Tripos, Inc. [Alchemy]
        Universal Technical Systems, Inc. [TK Solver]
        Wavefunction, Inc. [Spartan]
        Wolfram Research [Mathematica]

Chemistry Organizations

American Chemical Society
         Division of Chemical Education
                Examinations Institute at Clemson University
       Computers in Chemistry Division
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Council on Undergraduate Research
MAALACT [Middle Atlantic Association of Liberal Arts Chemistry Teachers]
National Science Foundation
Sigma Xi

Elizabethtown College