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Office of Student Activities

Live Out Loud at Etown

Welcome to the hub of student activities at Elizabethtown College! The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is the student-run central programming office on campus. OSA is responsible for planning and executing a wide variety of events for the entire campus. Whether you're looking to join a club, participate in a campus event, or start a new initiative, we're here to facilitate your journey.

The HUB in Brossman Commons is the home of OSA and the place for event sign-ups, ticket purchases, and information on the latest happenings around campus!

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HUB Academic Year Hours

Monday - Friday | 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Brooke Hollinger
Assistant Director of Student Activities & Commuter Engagement
717-361-3676 |

Clubs & Organizations

We want you to build a college experience that's right for you and student clubs and organizations are big part of that. We have more than 80 clubs for you to join; if you don't see one that interests you, we'll help you to start your own. Whether you're looking to try a new sport, connect with your peers, become politically active or want to serve the local community, there's always something new to try at Etown!

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Pop-Up Events & Conrad's Corner

Conrad's Corner is Etown's on-campus pop-up pub, where students can come together for a wide-range of events on Friday and Saturday nights. Conrad’s Corner is free and provides snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to students. If you are 21 and older, you may get one free drink per hour with a wristband - Student ID Required.

OSA also hosts other events throughout the academic year like Bingo, movie nights, speakers, music performances, hypnotists, slam poetry and more.

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Publicity & Policies

Learn about our posting policies within the BSC and how to get your department and club's announcements up and visible.

Office of Student Activities oversees all posting inside the BSC including but not limited to railing banners, window markers, flyers, concourse wires, walls, etc. OSA reserves the right to take down anything not approved that is posted or hung in the BSC at any time.

All approved student organizations and College offices or departments can submit flyers to the Office of Student Activities to be publicly posted in the BSC. OSA staff will approve, hang, and remove all postings. Approval for postings happens in the HUB (to the left of mail services) and operating hours are Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

General Guidelines

  • Postings can be up to 8.5 x14
  • Up to 4 copies of a posting can be dropped off at the Hub; OSA will not make copies or print emailed postings  
  • Approved postings will be hung within 24 hours (items dropped off on Friday will be hung on Monday)  
  • Postings will be removed and discarded after the event deadline  
  • All postings must clearly identify the sponsoring student organization or college department  
  • Only OSA staff may hang and remove postings on bulletin boards and flyer strips throughout. Posting on walls, railings, etc. is prohibited  
Prohibited Content Postings which contain the following are prohibited and will not be approved. The College will remove all postings which:
  • Are not from a College -approved organization  
  • Violate law or College policy  
  • Promote or incite behavior violating law or College policy  
  • Constitute a demonstrable threat or harassment  
  • Defame an individual or group  
  • Consist of obscene images, photos, or representations  
  • Unreasonably invade individual privacy  
  • Contain unapproved commercial advertisements  
  • Disrupt the normal operations of the College
Off Campus businesses or organizations wishing to post in the BSC must adhere to the above guidelines. OSA will accept  one  copy of a posting for an off-campus business.  

Important Note: Postings in the Residence Halls must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life for approval. Posting in academic buildings is at the discretion of the specific offices and departments that are housed in each building.

OSA-made banners or BSC Window Art can be requested via JayWeb. Use of the marquee at the bottom of the Marketplace stairs can be requested by emailing

Two Week Rule  

  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks (14 full days) before the day your club/department wants the banner/window markers completed and hung. (i.e. If you want the banner hung on Sept.15, it needs to be filled out on or before Sept. 1 or it will not be considered.) 

Time Hung  

  • The banner and window requests will only stay up for seven days.  
  • If your club/department would like the banner to stay up longer than seven days, then another banner request form must be submitted. Again, this is not guaranteed as this is based on a first-come, first-served basis and space available.  

Additional Information  

  • These request are completed on a first-come, first-served basis and rush orders are not accepted.  
  • Submitting a request does not guarantee our ability to complete it.   
  • There is limited space for banners - please keep this in mind.
  • Double check the information before submitting the request as it will be written exactly how it is submitted.
  • OSA Publicity reserves the right to make changes or reject your request at any time.   

Approval for use of wires on second floor over concourse and posting on the wall across from the HUB must be approved through Brooke Hollinger. If approval is not obtained they will be removed without notification.

The Jays App

The Etown Jays App brings campus to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the entire campus community. Stay on top of your events, classes, and assignments with the built-in calendar function. You also have the ability to get notified of important dates, deadlines, and security announcements. Make friends, ask questions, and access campus resources at any time!

Download the Etown Jays app in the Apple or Google Play app store for free!

All questions can be directed to:

Brooke Hollinger

Assistant Director of Student Activities & Commuter Engagement

Elizabethtown College