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Our counselors are ready to address any questions you or your family may have as you navigate through the College admission process. At Elizabethtown College, we want to get to know you as a person and help you decide Etown is the right fit for you.

Feel free to contact any of our Admissions Counselors directly. Choose a counselor based on their expertise, their travel territory, or their interests!

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Admissions Office

1 Alpha Drive

Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Admissions Team

Gretchen Camp Headshot

Gretchen Camp

Director of Admissions Operations & Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment |

Specialty Program(s): Transfer, Tuition Exchange, International & Undocumented/DACA students, Law Early Admissions Program (LEAP)


  • Lancaster County, PA
  • New York City, NY
  • Long Island, NY
  • Rockland County, NY
  • Westchester County, NY
  • Southern New Jersey
  • Delaware County, PA
  • Philadelphia County, PA

Hometown: Milford, CT

Educational Background:BS in Human Development and Family Studies, University of Connecticut and MS in Higher Education Administration. Bay Path University

Favorite Food on Campus: You can’t beat a ramen bowl paired with bubble tea from the Fresh Nest in the Bowers Center.

Hobbies/Activities: I love spending time outdoors with my family.

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Set high personal and academic standards for yourself and do your best to live up to them.

Favorite Local Spot: If you are a chocolate-lover like I am, check out Spence Candies here in town. Their chocolates (and other confections) are such a treat, and the customer service is top-notch.

Why I Love Etown: I love that our campus looks beautiful in all seasons.

Polly Orenstein Headshot

Paula "Polly" Orenstein

Senior Associate Director of Admissions |

Specialty Program(s): OT, High School Dual Enrollment


  • Adams County, PA
  • Allegheny County, PA
  • Armstrong County, PA
  • Beaver County, PA
  • Bedford County, PA
  • Blair County, PA
  • Butler County, PA
  • Cambria County, PA
  • Cumberland County, PA
  • Fayette County, PA
  • Franklin County, PA
  • Fulton County, PA
  • Greene County, PA
  • Huntington County, PA
  • Indiana County, PA
  • Jefferson County, PA
  • Juniata County, PA
  • Lawrence County, PA
  • Mifflin County, PA
  • Perry County, PA
  • Somerset County, PA
  • Washington County, PA
  • Westmoreland County, PA
  • York County, PA
  • Upstate New York

Hometown: LeRoy, NY, currently lives in Camp Hill, PA

Educational Background: BS and MS in Education

Favorite Food on Campus: Mac and Cheese

Hobbies/Activities: Spending time with family, walking, and rooting for the Buffalo Bills (Go Bills!)

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Be open to trying new programs and activities. "A comfort zone is a beautiful place – but nothing ever grows there." - Lewis Carroll

Favorite Local Spot: Whisk Cafe

Why I Love Etown: Our students make this place special!

Monica Headshot

Monica Venturella ’17

Assistant Director of Admissions, Slate Co-Captain |

Specialty Program(s): Stamp Scholars Program, Bonner Leader Program


  • Dauphin County, PA
  • Lebanon County, PA
  • All Western States
  • All Midwestern States
  • All Southwestern States
  • All Southern States (excluding VA and MD)

Hometown: I am from Palmyra, PA and I currently reside in Harrisburg, PA

Educational Background:BA in Psychology with a minor in Communications from Elizabethtown College. I am currently taking courses for my MS in Strategic Leadership through Etown's School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Favorite Food on Campus: Crispy Chicken Quesadilla from the Jays Nest

Hobbies/Activities: I enjoy doing hot Pilates, spending time with family, painting, watching YouTube videos, trying local coffee shops, and spending way too much money at Target.

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Use your application and essay to tell us more about yourself. Your application is like your resume of high school classes and involvement, use the essay to expand upon something you accomplished or wish to tell us more about.

Favorite Local Spot: I love Trellis Marketplace, which is a three-story boutique with lots of cool finds!

Why I Love Etown: I love Etown for the community. Truly Etown is a supportive family who are always rooting for you and helping you achieve your goals. “Blue Jays, Always” is our alumni slogan for a reason!

Lily Nardozzi Headshot

Lily Nardozzi

Assistant Director of Admissions |

Specialty Program(s): Physician Assistant (BS/MS)


  • Delaware
  • Bradford County, PA
  • Cameron County, PA
  • Centre County, PA
  • Chester County, PA
  • Clarion County, PA
  • Clearfield County, PA
  • Clinton County, PA
  • Columbia County, PA
  • Crawford County, PA
  • Elk County, PA
  • Erie County, PA
  • Forest County, PA
  • Lackawanna County, PA
  • Luzerne County, PA
  • Lycoming County, PA
  • McKean County, PA
  • Mercer County, PA
  • Montour County, PA
  • Northumberland County, PA
  • Potter County, PA
  • Snyder County, PA
  • Sullivan County, PA
  • Susquehanna County, PA
  • Tioga County, PA
  • Union County, PA
  • Venango County, PA
  • Warren County, PA
  • Wayne County, PA
  • Wyoming County, PA

Hometown: Oxford, PA

Educational Background: BA in Mass Communications, Bloomsburg University

Favorite Food on Campus: Turkey Pretzel Melt

Hobbies/Activities: I enjoy spending time with family, going to live music events, traveling, and playing with my sister’s golden retriever.

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: College is what you make of it – don’t be afraid to join clubs that interest you, get to know your professors, and meet new people!

Favorite Local Spot: Good Day Coffee, Ardor and Sage Hair Studio

Why I Love Etown: Etown College provides students, and their families support from the moment they walk on campus. It is such a positive, welcoming environment where students are truly able to live their best lives.

Kelly Griffith Headshot

Kelly Griffith

Assistant Director of Admissions |

Specialty Program(s): Homeschooled Students, Blue Jay Ambassadors, Overnight Visits

Territory: Central and Northern New Jersey

Hometown: Paradise, PA

Favorite Food on Campus: Build your own salad bar in Jays Nest

Hobbies/Activities: Running 2 teenagers to all their sporting events and walking my golden retriever.

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Give yourself grace to meet new friends; it doesn’t happen overnight.

Favorite Local Spot: Evo 206 Coffee Co.

Why I Love Etown: It doesn’t take long until you feel like a part of the family.

Mallory Kravitz Headshot

Mallory Kravitz

Assistant Director of Admissions |

Specialty Program(s): Honors


  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.

Hometown: York, PA

Educational Background: BA in Sociology, Shippensburg University

Favorite Food on Campus: Egg Jay with a hashbrown!

Hobbies/Activities: I love spending time with family, friends, and my dog, playing the piano, being outside, going on adventures, and supporting the Washington Capitals! Go Caps!

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Every day is a new adventure; you only get this experience once. Make the most of it! Seek discomfort and enjoy the little things in life. Don’t rush.

Favorite Local Spot: Good Day Coffee, Prussian Street Arcade and the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail!

Why I Love Etown: It smells like chocolate most of the time, thanks to the chocolate factory in town!! Can’t beat that. Plus, Etown is one of the most supportive environments I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of - we are a family!

Drew Scoggin Headshot

Drew Scoggin

Admissions Counselor (Se Habla Español) |

Specialty Program(s): Athletics, Primary Care Medicine Program (PPP), 3+2 B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling Psychology (MCP) Pipeline Program


  • Berks County, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Carbon County, PA
  • Lehigh County, PA
  • Monroe County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Northampton County, PA
  • Pike County, PA
  • Schuylkill County, PA

Hometown: I was born in Annapolis, MD, but grew up in Lancaster County!

Educational Background: BA in International Relations and Spanish, Duquesne University

Favorite Food on Campus: My favorite food on campus is an Egg Jay, but anything you get will be great!

Hobbies/Activities: I enjoy hiking with my dog, Phillie, playing golf, and watching baseball!

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Get involved on campus! There are a number of different ways to stay active and try new things. We have something for everybody!

Favorite Local Spot: The Conewago Trail – it’s a great place to get outside and walk by Conewago Creek!

Why I Love Etown: Both Elizabethtown College and the surrounding community have the students’ best interest in mind, and work closely with the student body to make sure their experience as a Blue Jay is one they will truly enjoy.

Lisa Souders Headshot

Lisa Souders

Visit Coordinator

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

Educational Background: Some college, but most of my education was from the US Air Force.

Favorite Food on Campus: Egg Jay with Sausage, Extra Cheese, and a crispy hashbrown – YUM!

Hobbies/Activities: Cooking, reading, golf, and TikTok

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Check your email and respond!

Favorite Local Spot: Good Burrito and TJ Rockwells!

Why I Love Etown: The town – it’s central to all other areas like Lancaster, Hershey, and Harrisburg. And it’s close to Philly, Jersey, New York, and Virginia. The College – the beautiful campus and the people; both staff and students. We’re a family and I love it!

Rachel Freed Headshot

Rachel Freed

Regional Recruiter - Long Island

Hometown: Westbury, New York

Educational Background: Occupational Therapy (Etown Alum, '21, MSOT '22)

Favorite Food on Campus: Crispy Chicken Sandwich in the Marketplace

Hobbies/Activities: Anything music related, especially dance (I choreographed eight Emotion dances throughout my time at Etown)!

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Get involved, say yes to every opportunity, and cherish your time outside of the classroom just as much as the time spent in it!

Favorite Local Spot: Lucky Ducks

Why I Love Etown: I’ve said this since the moment I stepped on campus & answer will never change: the people.

Female Recruiter Headshot

Sandra Glynn

Regional Recruiter - New England

Hometown: Portland, Maine

Educational Background: Casco Bay College

Favorite Food on Campus: Chicken Caeser Pita Pocket from Jays!

Hobbies/Activities: Walking and gardening

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are so many great support systems in place on campus.

Favorite Local Spot: WhirliGig Unique Boutiques in town!

Why I Love Etown: Small, caring campus with many opportunities to "stretch your wings and fly!"

Nate Webber Headshot

Nate Webber

Regional Recruiter - New Jersey

Educational Background: 1987 Graduate - Elizabethtown College, 2003 Masters Degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University

Favorite Food on Campus: Anything at the Jay's Nest

Hobbies/Activities: Spending time with family, service opportunities in my Church, exercising and reading.

Advice for a Future Blue Jay: The Elizabethtown College Motto, "Educate for Service", is such an empowering lifelong purpose. Our Motto motivates each one of us to help and serve others. As you begin your Elizabethtown College Career, it is important to follow our motto, "Educate for Service".

Favorite Local Spot: WHISK. Great food and fellowship!

Why I Love Etown: Elizabethtown College gave me the opportunity to grow in an inclusive environment. My time as a student at Elizabethtown College instilled strong values that have been with me throughout my life.

Operations Team

Admissions Team

Amy Benowitz – Office Manager

Linda Kelly – Admissions Data Coordinator

Susan Mitchell – Records Coordinator

Annie Skrabak – Enrollment CRM Manager

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Why Should I Speak With A Counselor?

Our admissions counselors are excellent resources for you and your family as you navigate the college admissions process. We are here to answer questions, give advice, and help you find your place at Elizabethtown College.

Utilize Counselor Connections

When looking at colleges, you are faced with making a lot of choices. You must select a college, choose an academic major, consider a minor or concentration, consider joining a team or organization, choose a meal plan, and much more. You may be looking for guidance as you make these very important decisions. Our counselors are here to connect you with expert faculty, knowledgeable staff, and student leaders who can help you make these decisions.

Listen To Their Etown Expertise

Our counselors are not only experts on the college admissions process, but they are also Etown experts. Their in-depth knowledge of our campus community will help you understand the ins and outs of campus and find your college fit.

Eliminate Application Confusion

The college application process can be tedious. Our counselors will guide you through the process to ensure your application is the best it can be! Allow them to assist you with any application questions you may have.

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