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Dual Enrollment

Get a Head Start on College

Dual enrollment provides the opportunity for high school students to experience college coursework early and take courses that are not offered at their high school. Elizabethtown College offers dual enrollment courses across all seven of its Schools, including our School of Graduate and Professional Studies. These courses are offered in a traditional face-to face model or as a flexible online program. By participating in college-level courses early, students have the opportunity to begin their post-secondary education with a full year's worth of academic credit.

*If you are interested in Dual Enrollment courses offered outside of the traditional academic year (Fall / Spring Semester), please contact

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Dual Enrollment Benefits:

  • Explore academic interests early in preparation for postsecondary studies.
  • Accumulate college credits at a significantly reduced cost and strengthen the possibility of completing a postsecondary education early.
  • Supplement educational knowledge achieved through Advanced Placement (AP) College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework.
  • Learn alongside college-level students either in an on-campus classroom setting or in online courses from the comfort of your home.
  • Access to entry-level courses without any prerequisites.
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Cost to Students

Tuition is $100 per credit and billed directly to the student. This rate applies only to courses taken during the traditional academic year (during the Fall / Spring Semester). Students also are responsible for text books and transportation costs. There is no charge for on-campus parking.

Priority Deadlines

  • Applications for the fall semester will be accepted starting March 15. The deadline to submit dual enrollment applications for the fall semester is August 1.
  • Applications for the spring semester will be accepted starting October 15. The deadline to submit dual enrollment applications for the spring semester is January 1.
  • Applications for online programs offered through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies can be submitted at any time and courses are offered on a rolling basis.

Dual Enrollment Orientation

High school students are required to attend orientation scheduled within one week prior to the beginning of classes.

  • Upon payment of tuition, students will receive a temporary ID card for the semester which will allow them to borrow books from the library.
  • Many courses require students to have a campus network account and email in order to get assignments and post assignments.
  • A temporary parking tag is issued for students driving to campus during the day. No additional fees are charged for these items.

Selecting Courses

  • View up-to-date course listings and availability through our On-Campus Courses page for traditional in-person classes or SGPS Courses page for online courses.
  • Search for listings in the Select Criteria for Course Selection section by choosing the appropriate Year and Term. This will list all offered courses, so be sure to check whether they are labeled open, closed, or canceled.
  • Course credits are listed in the right-hand column. Most traditional courses offered are four credits. Most online courses offered through the School of Graduate and Professional studies are three credits.
  • The earlier students complete and submit their registration forms, the more likely classes will be available.
  • The online listing also will provide necessary information on prerequisites, restrictions, etc. Courses with prerequisites would not be appropriate unless the students have taken the necessary courses previously. Please check the online catalog at to view courses.
  • Courses marked Register by Instructor (RBI) require special permission from the instructor and admissions would have to obtain approval before putting the student in the class.
  • Students are generally permitted to register in any open, entry-level courses that do not have prerequisites.
  • There is a language placement test available to determine which level the student should be in, or students are put in direct contact with the modern languages department.
  • Math placement is based on information from the high school in terms of which math courses they have already completed, SAT scores, etc. Permission must be granted by the mathematics department chair.

Admission Requirements

Admission to Elizabethtown College is a selective process. The following is required to complete an application for dual enrollment:

  • Complete the Admissions Dual Enrollment Application form below.
  • Select whether you prefer online or in-person courses.
  • Submit a guidance counselor recommendation.
  • Submit an official high school transcript.

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