Apply as a homeschooled or cyber-schooled student

Elizabethtown College acknowledges and values prospective homeschooled and cyber-schooled students seeking college admission in Pennsylvania. Our admission process is designed so these students receive guidance and support from start to finish. We are excited about your interest in Elizabethtown, and look forward to learning more about your achievements.

Why E-town?

When submitting your college application in Pennsylvania as a homeschooled or cyber-schooled student, you have a lot of things to consider. Our campus community is a great place for you to experience a college setting. Small classes, friendly community and mentorship programs help new students adjust to life on campus.

Small Class Sizes

Our 13:1 student to faculty ratio is perfect for students looking for personal attention in the classroom. Our classes are capped at 35 students, but our average class has 18 students. This allows our faculty to develop strong connections with their students, providing an individualized educational experience.

campus-communityFriendly & Welcoming Campus Community

Our highly active student population loves welcoming new Blue Jays to the nest. With over 80 diverse student organizations to choose from, it’s easy for you to get involved from day one.  Among these organizations are several faith-based student groups including:

  • Newman Club (Catholic student group)
  • Hillel (Jewish student group)
  • Intervarsity (Christian fellowship)
  • CRU (Christian discipleship group)
  • Better Together (welcomes religious and nonreligious students, faculty and staff)
  • Muslim Student Association and Friends

Faculty, Staff, & Student Support

Mentorship is very important to us.  When you arrive on campus for your first semester, you are provided with faculty advisors and student mentors through our First Year Seminar (FYS) program. You’ll meet your advisor and mentors during orientation, and they’ll be close by to help you throughout your transition to college during the first semester. After the first semester, you’ll receive an advisor from your academic department. Almost all of our faculty members are full time, which provides our students with flexible access to their professors in and out of class.

Personalize Your Education

Our liberal arts education model sets our students up for success. At E-town, you’ll receive a concentrated education in your area of interest, while also gaining valuable information about many other areas of study. You’ll have the opportunity to choose additional courses in the academic areas that are most important to you.

Faith-Focused Learning

Our Brethren tradition is reflected in the core values that are taught on campus, which include: peacemaking, social justice, human dignity and worldviews. Our motto, “Educate for Service” also derives from our Brethren roots. The Young Center, located on our campus, is home to over 100 books about Brethren studies. The Center also focuses on Anabaptist and Pietist studies. This aspect of our college history penetrates into our academic programs. We’ll encourage you to make service a part of your life while at E-town, in your future workplaces and your personal life.

Many of our students also opt to pair Religious Studies with their academic major. You’ll have the opportunity to focus on many different religious sects, or take a more integrated approach. Our Interfaith Leadership major combines courses from many fields of study including business, political science, and peace and conflict. Our Peace and Conflict Studies minor seeks to educate students about the role of religion in peace, war and nonviolence.

Business and Entrepreneurship

We’re passionate about small and family businesses, and we work hard to provide opportunities to students with entrepreneurial spirits. Our Family Business and Entrepreneurship minor teaches students essential skills needed to start their own business or continue a family business. You’ll learn how to take advantage of financial opportunities, solve problems within the business and find creative ways to compete in the market. Guest lectures, networking and mentoring are highlighted in our program.

The High Center is located in the James B. Hoover Center for Business, and it supports the Family Business and Entrepreneurship minor. It serves a resource for families in business.The High Center assists with succession planning, leadership training and legacy building.

Explore E-town

Visiting E-town is a great way to decide whether or not we are a good fit for the goals you have for your college experience. Because each experience can be very different, we encourage you to schedule an admission interview and campus tour. Meet with our students, faculty and staff to learn about our college community and get specific questions answered.

Meet Your Admissions Counselor

Your visit will serve as an opportunity for the admission counselor to learn the specifics of your unique experiences and aspirations. Our counselors can help you as you complete the application to our liberal arts college as a homeschooled or cyber-schooled student. In addition, you and your parent(s) are encouraged to ask questions and learn more about the College.

Tour Our Campus

Take a personal tour around our campus with one of our student tour guides. This individualized experience will give you a taste of what it’s like to be a part of our campus community. Learn about your academic program of interest, view our classrooms and learn about E-town from a student perspective.

Schedule Your Visit

Start your exploration by scheduling a visit with us! An admission interview and a visit to campus may be scheduled online or by contacting the Office of Admissions at 717-361-1400.