DUAL Enrollment Transfer Credits

DUAL ENROLLMENT refers to the practice of a student being enrolled at two schools simultaneously (high school and post-secondary). Research has shown that participation in DUAL Enrollment programs, offered through other colleges and universities, help students develop the sort of study skills and mental habits that lead to success in college.

The transcribed course must meet Elizabethtown's standard transfer criteria:

  • The transcribing college or university is regionally accredited.
  • The course involves active delivery methods (ongoing exchange of ideas with an instructor and not an online course that is an independent study or a correspondence course).
  • The course must be letter-graded with an earned grade of a C- or better.
  • The course is consistent with the mission and educational programs of Elizabethtown College.

Elizabethtown College transfers credits – but not grades or quality points. The College does not accept courses taken Pass/No Pass (or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) at other institutions.

Students must request that the registrar’s office of the transferring institution send an official transcript to the Office of Registration and Records at Elizabethtown College . Facsimiled and student-delivered transcripts are not considered official, therefore, they will not be accepted.