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Partners in Engineering LLC (PiE)

The Partners In Engineering (PiE) community was created by the Department of Physics and Engineering to build community amongst engineering students and provide them with an academically supportive environment. Engineering students are about to enter one of the most challenging academic programs of their lives. The result is a career in an ever changing world that will need your skills to improve the lives of many people by bringing new energy technology to reality, developing energy efficient and sustainable products and designing medical equipment that allows people to live longer. These are just a few of the careers our graduates have chosen.

The coursework for this major is a big change from high school. Past students have benefited from study groups and support from other engineering friends and faculty during their time at Elizabethtown.

All first year students enrolled in EGR 100 or PHY 200 will be assigned to live on the PiE living-learning community floor. Examples of programs that have been held for PIE residents are:

  • An international night where foods of the world will be served while we discuss global concerns and the role engineers have in solving these issues.
  • Factory tours to become more familiar with the production line of a factory.
  • There will be weekly tutoring sessions in the Student Hideaway as well a dorm location that provides easy access to the Esbenshade building for the PiE members to access the assistance they need to complete homework and understand P & E concepts. 


Please note that PiE LLC is for students intending to major in Physics and Engineering only. In 2013-2014 PiE will be housed in Schlosser Hall.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Mark Stuckey, Professor of Physics
Dr. Michael Scanlin, Professor Geoscience & Engineering

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