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Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a residential living option that intentionally create a bridge between classrooms and community that will enhance student learning and experience related to a specific topic, theme, or academic discipline.  Students living in LLCs share a residential space and interact with faculty in both residential and classroom settings, providing students with unique opportunities for faculty engagement, active learning, and collaboration with peers in the residence halls.  We offer both course-based and theme-based LLC options to first year and upperclass students.


2015 - 2016 Living Learning Community Options

Themed Living Learning Communities

The Nest 

The Nest is a new community for the 2015-2016 year that offers substance-free housing as well as extended opportunities for outdoor activities and healthy living.  Students living here must commit to  keeping the floor substance-free. This community is open to all cohorts and will be housed in Founders Hall.  

Liberal Arts 

This LLC is for students interested in pursuing a Liberal Arts major or minor. LAR
seeks to create a supportive community for students in those disciplines as well as provide a
living environment that will allow an opportunity for further faculty and student interaction via
field trips, discussions, and lecturers that focuses on ways these disciplines can further enrich
one’s life and career. This LLC is housed in Myer Hall.

Stonewall Hall 

This LLC is open to any student wishing to learn more about the issues and
laws surrounding the LGBTQ community. Students in this community will have the opportunity
to work with faculty in small group settings and on field-trips related to gender studies. The
hall also provides a safe space for LGBTQ students. Housing in this LLC is gender-neutral and is located in Founders Hall. 


Course Based Living Learning Communities


This LLC houses all first year students who are accepted into the Honors program. The Honors LLC is also open to upperclassmen who wish to continue the experience of living in this active, engaged community.  

Professional Preparation in Business

This is for incoming students who intend to major in business. This community will be a place where students are able to continue learning in an environment that promotes foundational business principles as well as those of civic engagement, social responsibility, and business leadership. Incoming business majors will live together and take several common courses over two semesters. Other opportunities on this floor include professional workshops and networking with faculty.

Simple Living First Year Seminar 

Students enrolled in the Simple Living First Year Seminar course will live together in this LLC. The community participates in many field trips and activities that teach sustainable, simple living.


Additional Specialty Housing Options

Partners in Engineering (PIE)

First and second year students who intend to major in Engineering and/or Physics can live in PIE Cluster Housing. PIE students live in "clusters" of 8-16 students throughout the residence halls. Each cluster has a tutor who provides regular academic assistance to PIE students in their residence hall.

Gender Neutral Housing (GNH)

Students living in GNH can select to be housed with any Etown student regardless of sex or gender identity. This community is open to all cohorts and is located in Founders Hall.



How do I join a LLC or Specialty Housing?
It’s easy! If you are an upperclassman, you will receive the chance to join the multi-cohort LLCs each spring. LLC Housing Request forms for upperclassmen are available on the Housing Selection page.

If you are an incoming first-year student, you can select an LLC when you complete your Housing Profile Survey.  Students who have been accepted into the Honors program will be automatically placed in the Honors LLC, but should still select this option when completing their Survey. Students who are registered for the Simple Living FYS will also be automatically housed in the Simple Living LLC. 

Can I select a roommate who is not part of the LLC?
Not usually. All of our course-based LLCs and Honors are limited to students who are enrolled in certain courses. Stonewall Hall also requires that your roommate select to be a part of that LLC. All other themed LLCs allow for non-LLC roommates if there is enough space once all students who have selected to live there have been housed.  These communities fill up quickly, however, so it is best if you and your roommate both select the same LLC!

 If you have any questions please contact Kristen Vieldhouse, Assistant Director of Residence Life,

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