Transfer Credit and
Prior Learning

Every effort is made to accept and apply credits earned in the past, from other institutions, to an Elizabethtown program.  Here is how to get the credit you deserve:

  1. Transfer credits from prior institutions

    Students who have attended other institutions of higher education may have their completed credits evaluated by an admissions coordinator. SCPS will accept up to 95 transferable credits from an accredited four-year institution. It will also accept up to 64 credits from any accredited two-year college, technical or trade school. No more than a total of 95 credits will be accepted in combination of two- and four- year colleges or universities attended. Students must take at least 30 credits with Elizabethtown College to meet residency requirements and completion of a bachelor’s degree. (15 Elizabethtown College credits are required for residency to complete an associate degree.)

    To qualify for transfer, credits taken at another institution of higher education must be at least 100 college-level and carry a grade of at least C- to transfer into an undergraduate program. Remedial courses are not transferrable.

  2. Military training and work experience
    Veteran students in the Army, Navy and Marines may request official military transcripts from Joint Services Transcripts. Courses and trainings appearing on the transcript evaluated by the American Council for Education (ACE) will transfer to SCPS where applicable. Air Force veterans may request a transcript from the Community College of the Air Force.

  3. CLEP or DANTES Examinations may be awarded Elizabethtown College credits, following recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) in place when the exam was taken. Up to 27 credits may be awarded for CLEP exams. Credits may not duplicate College credits completed or enrolled in at the time of the examination. CLEP examination credits do not count towards residency credits.

  4. Corporate/Organizational Training 
    Professional Certifications or Training

    Our staff and faculty will evaluate your corporate training and professional certifications to see if they translate into college credit.  Many national training programs and certifications have been evaluated by the American Council of Education (ACE) and we accept their credit recommendations.

  5. Direct Course Equivalency Proposal (CEP)

    If you identify a course in your program that you believe you have direct professional experience, you can use our CEP process to write a paper demonstrating your knowledge based on the course learning outcomes.

HACC Dual Admission

Degree Completer Program

Elizabethtown has established a dual-admission agreement with Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC). Counselors at HACC can supply students with course listings that will work towards both their HACC and Elizabethtown requirements. HACC students nearing the end of their associate degree can meet with the appropriate School of Continuing and Professional Studies admissions coordinator to receive an evaluation of their credits. 


*For more information on how these options can be evaluated contact an admissions coordinator.


To find the full policy information for credit transfer and prior learning assessment, please refer to the SCPS Program Catalog.
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