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Brussels 2015

Program Information

The Brussels Program

EC280 International Organizations Seminar (2/3 credits)

The International Organizations Seminar takes students to Brussels, Belgium in May. The study tour is aimed at learning about the European Union—its origins, requirements for membership, the current crisis engulfing Greece, Spain and other EU countries, the future of the European project. The group will attend briefings at institutions of the EU, as well as various NGOs, during the study tour.

A highlight of the program is its collaborative nature: Students from Elizabethtown will join university students from Germany during their time in Brussels.

The study tour is an integral part of EC280 International Organizations Seminar. The course is offered in the spring semester. You can register for one of two sections: EC280A (2 credits) or EC280B (3 credits). The 3-credit version will count as an economics elective--it will satisfy one of the elective requirements for an economics major, economics minor or a business administration minor.

Interested? Contact Dr. Sanjay Paul for more information.


The Prague Program

BA450 Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Economies (4 credits)

The seminar introduces students to the study of the history and social structure of European economic integration from 1927 to present by examining the problems faced by the member states, the specific role of the eastern European nations and the geo-political and economic impact of emerging Union. No business background is required. The course counts as a Management & Entrepreneurship elective for BA and IB majors.

For more info, contact Dr. Petru Sandu.

The Washington Institute Program

BA360 / PS360 Washington Institute (4 credits)

The Washington Institute highlights relationships between the legislative, executive, independent agencies, and third-party institutions that directly affect how policy is made in the United States.  It exposes students to the mechanism that is used to formulate policy for the United States.  The Institute will focus heavily on international policy and the inner workings of the various institutional agents that participate in the process of making policy.  Students will observe and develop a critical sense of how to weigh the various interests before policy is ultimately made.  Students will learn to examine the purpose of policy and evaluate how it affects various industries.

In June 2012, students will go to Washington, DC for two weeks to meet with policy officials and discuss how they actually develop policy. 

For more information, contact Dr. Sylvester Williams.


China 2016

Program Information

The China (Beijing) Program

 BA 372 Doing Business in China (2/3 credits)

China, as a key driving force in the transformation of the global economy, deserves careful learning and adjustment for future Western business executives, policy makers, the media, and the academics. This course introduces students to the history and cultural background of societies and businesses in China. Specifically, topics covered include Chinese history and culture; the political and economic context of Chinese markets; legal and operational challenges; state vs. private enterprises and tax issues; corporate governance, policies, and social responsibility; and the future of Chinese market. The intended audiences of this course are students interested in broadening knowledge of international cultural and business environment while appreciating a versatile learning experience combining classroom lectures and experiential field work. Previous knowledge of Chinese or business background are not necessary to succeed in this course.

A highlighted component of this course is its collaborative nature of an engaged learning experience: students from Elizabethtown College will join university students from Beijing during their study tour in China.

The Beijing study tour is an integral part of BA372 Doing Business in China, a course offered in the Spring semester. Join BA372 Doing Business in China, a family of students with diverse cultures and backgrounds, taught and lead by Dr. Emma Neuhauser for a unique and special designed 2/3 credit course that includes a two week study trip to Shanghai, Beijing and Xian, China in May 2014. BA372 is a business concentration elective for Entrepreneurship concentration and may be used as an upper-level elective for business minors.

Sounds interesting? Contact Dr. Emma H. Neuhauser  for more information.


Bangladesh 2014

Program Information

The Bangladesh Program             

BA 370  Seminar on Economic and Social Development in a Developing Country (2 credit, spring course)

The Bangladesh study tour will be an integral part of BA 370 Seminar on Economic and Social Development in a Developing Country, a 2-credit course offered in the spring.  The course analyzes the economic and social issues facing developing countries, particularly poverty alleviation and women's empowerment, and explores the role of microfinance and social business in addressing those issues.  Classes will meet once a week on Mondays at 12:30 pm- 1:45 pm.  The course is open to all majors and years.

During the study tour, we will visit the Yunus Centre and Grameen Bank, and learn about how these organizations promote entrepreneurship and mitigate poverty through the principles of microfinance and social business.  There will be also some time for sightseeing and shopping in Dhaka.

For more information contact:  Dr. Sanjay Paul  or Dr. Kristen Waughen


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