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Faculty in WGS

WGS is overseen by a faculty advisory committee headed by WGS Program Director, Dr. Evan Smith. The advisory committee includes Dr. Kimberly Adams.

Dr. Evan Smith

Dr. Evan Smith
Director of Women and Gender Studies | (717) 361-1320

Dr. Smith's research examines gender and sexual identities from a feminist psychological perspective. His courses include a First-Year Seminar on diversity and social justice, Developmental Psychology, and the Psychology of Women and Gender. Dr. Smith would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the WGS minor.


Dr. Kimberly Adams

Dr. Kimberly Adams
English | (717) 361-1230

Dr. Adams teaches courses in Victorian and twentieth-century British literature, American women's writing, literary theory, and feminist and gender theory. Her publications include Our Lady of Victorian Feminism: The Madonna in the Work of Anna Jameson, Margaret Fuller, and George Eliot, and articles on Harriet Beecher Stowe and nineteenth-century female literary critics. She has also co-written the endnotes to the Modern Library edition of George Eliot's Romola.


Dr. Linda Madden Leimbach
Linda LeimbachLecturer in OT | 717-361-1421

Dr. Leimbach is an occupational therapist and occupational scientist who teaches coursework and conducts research within the Department of Occupational Therapy. Her doctoral research examined the intersection between gender and creative human occupation in a group of male quiltmakers through the theoretical lenses of occupational science, social construction feminism, and postmodernism. Her additional research initiatives have addressed the outcomes of feminist pedagogy in occupational therapy education, the influence of creative occupation upon identity formation, creativity and occupational performance in college-aged women, and the influence of habits, routines, and roles upon body weight in working mothers. In addition to teaching courses in occupational therapy theory, gerontology, and acute care rehabilitation, Dr. Leimbach also teaches an elective course about women and the creative process.


Dr. Kelly Poniatowski
Kelly PoniatowskiAsst. Prof of Communications | 717-361-1371

Dr. Poniatowski studies the representation of female athletes in the media. She focuses on the marginalization and feminization of women in the Olympics. She also co-authored a paper about feminism and female journalists. She teaches courses in corporate communications, writing, and sports media.

Other WGS affiliated faculty include:


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