Department Analysis of Majors by Cohort

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The information provided here is intended to support the planning and decision-making of the institution as a whole as well as individual programs and departments. This information has been provided for the purposes of conducting College business and is intended for internal use only.

This link is sample of the Department Majors Analysis chart with annotations.  It contains annotations that will explain how to read the Department Majors Analysis charts.  The data was collected at the end of each fall semester.  

Note: Reports are only available on-campus or through VPN.

Cohort 2014

  • Fall 2015-Dept Major Analysis
  • Fall 2016-Dept Major Analysis (Coming Soon)
  • Fall 2017-Dept Major Analysis (Coming Soon)
  • Fall 2018-Dept Major Analysis (Coming Soon)

Cohort 2013

Cohort 2012

Cohort 2011

Cohort 2010

Cohort 2009