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Whether it is a cup of java, a bottle of water or a snuggly sweatshirt, we offer alumni-branded items on our shelves and on our online store.

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Visiting us from afar? Many of our apparel items and accessories are available for purchase at our online store.


Click HERE* to  reserve & purchase your textbooks for your May Term and Summer online 2014 courses. OR to reserve your textbooks for Fall 2014.

  • Place your order by May 1st for your May Term or Summer books and we can ship directly to your home address. Or you can pick up your order in the College Store.
  • Reservations for Fall 2014 textbooks will be filled starting in mid-June.
  • In-store purchase or rental of books is also available in the College Store.
  • Every attempt will be made to notify you, as soon as possible, if a book you ordered is not available; ordering a used book is not a guarantee.
  • Your credit card will not be charged until your order is filled.


  • Online Rental is available by clicking on the banner below. 

Advantage - With this option, you rent your books online from the comfort of your home or dorm room. The books are shipped to you.  At the end of the semester, just box and ship the books (at no cost to you) back to Campus Book Rentals. Books rented online cannot be returned to the College Store.  If you do not receive the book(s) you rented through this site, please call Campus Book Rentals Customer Service at  855-200-0021.




  • Blue Etown Sticker - Rent at the Registers in the College Store. With this option, you take a book directly off the shelf in the Book Room, bring it to the Registers in the College Store and rent it using your Etown Student ID or a credit/debit card or cash/check, and leave with your rented book.

  • Green Sticker - Rent at the Kiosk located near the front of the College Store. With this option, you take a book directly off the shelf in the Book Room, bring it to the Kiosk in the College Store and rent it using a credit/debit card, and leave with your rented book.

Advantage - At the end of the semester, just return the books you rented in-store back to the College Store and the Store will box and ship them for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions?  Contact Debbie at

Buying from the College Store vs Our Competitors
Textbooks are expensive. They are also a very important component of your education. The College Store wants to get them into your hands in the most economical way possible.

  1. We are institutionally owned. Our profit is returned to the College to support/fund your student activities.
  2. The College Store is located on your campus, not in cyberland!
  3. We always have friendly staff on-hand to answer questions and assist you.
  4. You are guaranteed to always have the correct edition and all the supplements required for your course – CD’s, DVD’s, study guide, online pass codes, etc.
  5. Large selection of USED textbooks – discounted 25% off of new price.
  6. Payment for textbooks and supplies (when purchasing in the College Store) with your student ID is safe and secure. Financial aid, grants and scholarships may be directly applied on your account to pay for your books via the Business Office.
  7. We offer a no-cost return policy within the specified return time periods, with your receipt. (Return Policy is below)
  8. We automatically provide replacements for defective books at no charge.
  9. There are never any taxes assessed or shipping charges when you purchase your textbooks in the College Store.
  10. No need to place multiple-seller orders – we’re “one-stop shopping.”

Please be mindful of these advantages of supporting your College Store. Remember, before you buy elsewhere, check with us!

Textbook Pricing and Payments
Although book expenses obviously vary depending upon your major, individual course choices and the requirements for those courses, you should expect to spend between $500 and $900 a semester for your books and supplies.Each dollar you spend on a new textbook is distributed in many ways, with most of your money going to the publisher. The College Store uses its share to pay the freight of the book, the salaries and benefits of its employees, and the expenses of operating the store. Another portion goes to the College to support the campus community in a variety of areas. The College Store actively seeks to obtain as many used books as possible, as they offer substantial savings to students by dealing with national used book wholesalers. However, the best source of used books is still our own students. If you choose not to keep a textbook as part of your permanent library, please consider selling it to the College Store during buyback at the end of each semester, so it can be "recycled" to another student looking for textbook savings.  

We accept cash, check, student I.D., Visa, MC, Discover or gift card for payment. 

Textbook Availability
We strive to have enough books for each student. To achieve this, we carefully review all the information available to us. This includes the quantity the faculty request, the sales history of both the book and the course. Our thorough examination process is used to determine the number of books that will fulfill the needs of every student who wishes to buy them. At the same time, we strive to reduce the number of books sent back to the publishers at the end of the semester. Publishers assert that there is a direct relationship between the high costs of handling excess books (returns) and high priced textbooks. Therefore, by trying to have at least enough books for everyone who wants one, without tremendous excess, we hope to help publishers curb the steep rise in textbook prices. If we do run short of a title, we will special order the textbook for you and we will pay 2nd day air shipping costs to get the book in your hands ASAP with no extra cost to you!

Textbook Return Policy
New and used textbooks purchased or rented in-store for the current semester are returnable for the first three days from the start of each semester with receipt. New books must be in perfect condition - no highlighting, bent corners, etc. Shrink-wrapped packs must be unopened in original packaging or 25% will be deducted from the original price. Defective texts will be replaced at no charge. If you drop a course or have a schedule change you may return a book for up to ten days from the start of class - proof of this change is required. Refunds are subject to the discretion of the textbook manager. 


MAY TERM 2014 Textbook List

SUMMER 2014 ONLINE Textbook List

FALL 2014 Textbook List

*****The textbook list is current at the time of posting, but is subject to change without notice.  The College Store is not responsible for incorrect information. If your course requirements are not listed, the professor has not yet adopted and/or determined the textbooks required for the course.


Retail Buyback (that's when the College Store buys your books) is held twice during the academic year, always during finals week.

SAVE THE DATE - Spring 2014 Retail Buyback
May 5 thru May 9, 9 am - 4 pm in the College Store

Wholesale Buyback is held daily in the College Store during normal business hours.

Buyback stache flyer  


Educational discounts on Apple & Dell* computers & software: Go to  

Dell Link:      Dell University Member ID: US125461532

Dorm supplies: Go to

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