Why Major in Religious Studies

Religious Studies is the academic discipline that focuses upon the study of religion. This discipline is pursued from a variety of perspectives—both religious and secular—and utilizes the methods of a wide range of fields that includes philosophy, theology, history, anthropology, archaeology, comparative literature, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. Courses in Religious Studies at Elizabethtown College tap into all of these perspectives and disciplines.


Join us on March 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. for a lecture presented by Theta Alpha Kappa honor society about “religion in public life.” Dr. Greg Carey, professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, presents the first lecture in the series titled: 

Let's Get Real: The Bible in Public Life

Bible debates have a long role in US history, most prominently in controversies related to slavery, segregation, and sexuality. One might say that these conflicts have shaped American assumptions about the Bible in fundamental ways. Biblical scholars can best serve the public by reframing those assumptions about the Bible and its relevance.

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E-town Leads the Nation in Interfaith Leadership Studies

Did you know that we have the only major in the country dedicated to interfaith leadership and understanding? See this piece from the New York Times on our program!