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Wireless Access

Wireless network access is available in all campus buildings.

Guest Wireless Access

Guests of the campus should connect to the GUEST_WIRELESS network. After connecting, open up a web browser and you will be prompted for a username and password. These credentials should be obtained from the group sponsoring your event on campus. If you are not sure who to get these credentials from, please call the ITS Helpdesk at 717-361-3333. The guest access will provide access to the Internet only and is not available for connecting to network resources.

Additional Step-by-Step Connection Instructions:
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Campus Community Wireless Access

The wireless connection on campus will provide the same level of access as the wired connections do. Members of the campus community should connect to the CONFIG_WIRELESS network. After connecting, open a web browser, and you will be guided through the configuration steps.

Additional Step-by-Step Connection Instructions:
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Please note that it is against the Computer Use Policy to operate personal wireless access points within the campus network. Doing so will also cause interference and will slow connection speeds on college-owned access points.
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