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Faculty Governance Committees

Faculty Assembly Officers/Executive Council

President                                     Jeff Long                                         2012-14

Vice President                             Michael Silberstein                          2012-14

Secretary                                     Mark Stuckey                                  2012-14

Chair of Academic Council           Sylvester Williams                           2013-14

Chair of Personnel Council          Jane Cavender                                2013-14          

Executive Council Responsibilities

Executive Council shall be the council primarily responsible for assisting the Faculty in the discharge of its governance duties and shall provide a channel of communication and consultation between the President of the College and the Faculty with respect to their joint and several responsibilities in the governance of the College.

Judicial Council Members

Physics/Natural Sciences                        James Hughes                             2011-14

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences          Patricia Ricci for 2013 AY            2012-15

                                               Mahua Bhattacharya on Sabbatical 2013-14 AY

Professional Studies Faculty                   Sean Melvin                                 2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                     David Brown                                2013-16

Faculty (At large)                                     David Kenley, Chair                    2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                     Debra Wohl                                 2013-16     

Judicial Council Responsibilities

When questions concerning this Constitution arise, Judicial Council shall reach an interpretive decision and then report to the Faculty Assembly. Any decision shall take effect when reported to a meeting of the Faculty Assembly unless such decision is set aside at that meeting by a motion receiving the support of two-thirds of the voting members present. Detailed description of the appeals, faculty complaints, review and adjudication can be found in the faculty handbook. 

Personnel Council Members

Physics/Natural Sciences                          Jane Cavender, Chair                        2012-15

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences             Rita Shah                                          2013-16

Professional Studies Faculty                     Bryan Greenberg                              2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                       Richard Wolf-Spencer                      2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                       Sanjay Paul                                     2013-16

Faculty (At large)                                       Steven Soltys                                   2011-14

President, ex-officio without vote               Carl Strikwerda                                          

Assoc. VP for Human Resources,              Nancy Florey

   ex-officio without vote

Personnel Council Responsibilities

Responsibilities for the Personnel Council shall, as a designee of the Faculty, advise the President on policies and procedures related to the College's administrative structure and functions. Only Personnel Council shall negotiate on behalf of the faculty for leaves, salary increases, fringe benefits, promotion, tenure, professional expectations and other personnel matters related to the professional performance or welfare of the Faculty.

Academic Council Members

Physics/Natural Sciences                       Aaron Cecala                                  2012-15

Physics/Natural Sciences                       Catherine Lemley                            2013-16

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences          Matt Skillen, Secretary                   2011-14

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences          Nobuaki Takahashi                        2013-16

Professional Studies Faculty                   Sylvester Williams, Chair                2011-14

Professional Studies Faculty                   Ann Marie Potter                             2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                     Emma Hongson Neuhauser           2013-15                         

Faculty (At large)                                    Barry Williams                                 2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                    Thomas Murray, Vice-Chair             2011-14

Student Senate Representative              Adam Moore                                    2011-13

Student Senate Representative              TBD                                                 2013-14

Dean of Faculty , ex-officio without vote  Fletcher McClellan

Registrar, ex-officio without vote              Betty Rider 

Director of Academic Advising,ex-officio  Stephanie Rankin                                                            without vote

Academic Council

Academic Council proposes academic policy and is the overseer and evaluator of the curriculum of the College and the quality of its academic program. The Council's function is to consider academic questions that are fundamental in nature and broad-based in scope including, especially, the core curriculum. In performing its function, Academic Council initiates and continuously reviews policy regarding admissions standards, degree requirements, and the content and quality of the overall curriculum and the academic programs. All academic policies, procedures and decisions having broad or campus-wide implications must be submitted for approval at the next meeting of the Faculty Assembly.

 Academic Review Members

Presidential Appointment (Administrator)       Kat Matic                                             2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                           Ed Chung                                            2013-16

Faculty (At large)                                           Jodi Yorty                                             2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                           Patricia Ricci                                        2011-14

Provost or Provost’s Designee

(Convener)                                                      Betty Rider                                       

Student Senate Representative                       TBD                                                                       

Student Senate Representative                       TBD                                  

Academic Review Committee (responsible to Academic Council)

The Committee conducts hearings on cases of alleged violations of the standards of academic integrity, as those standards are defined in the Student Handbook. The Committee also hears appeals of course grades, in accordance with procedures set forth in the Student Handbook. In fulfilling these responsibilities, the Committee shall adhere to Academic Due Process, again as defined in the Student Handbook. 

Academic Standing Members

Faculty (At large)                                         Jeff Rood                                     2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                         Gene Behrens                             2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                         Tom Hagan                                 2013-16

Academic Council Member                          Thomas Murray                          2013-14

Provost or Provost’s Designee                    Betty Rider,  Chair                

Counseling Center (Advisory w/out vote)    Jean-Paul Benowitz                                       

Counseling Center (Advisory w/out vote)    Stephanie Rankin                                            

Academic Standing Committee (responsible to Academic Council)

The Committee is responsible for periodic review of academic standards and academic dismissal procedures. The Committee makes recommendations to Academic Council when changes in policy seem appropriate. The Committee applies academic dismissal procedures and evaluates applications of students for reinstatement after such dismissal. The committee also reviews student petitions for deviations from prescribed curriculum, including the Core Program Curriculum. In the case of deviation from courses required by the student's major department, committee review is only at the request of the Department Chair or the Dean. Each committee recommendation shall be reported to the Dean of Faculty.

Core Program Members

Physics/Natural Sciences                           David Bowne                                  2011-14

Physics/Natural Sciences                           Tomas Estrada                              2013-16

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences              Kurt Barnada Chair                       2012-15

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences              Brian Newsome                              2010-13

Professional Studies Faculty                      Dmitriy Krichevskiy                         2012-15

Professional Studies Faculty                      Kathleen Blouch,                            2011-14

Academic Council Member                         Aaron Cecala                                2 013-14

Student Senate Representative                  TBD

Student Senate Representative                  TBD                                       

Provost Representative                              Fletcher McClellan 

Core Program Committee (responsible to Academic Council)

The Committee has oversight responsibility for policies related to the Core Program, and advises the Dean of Faculty in matters of staffing, implementing, and funding the Core Program. For specific responsibilities see the faculty handbook.

Honors Program Members

Honors Director                                              Dana Mead                                      2012-13

Physical/Natural Sciences                              Evan Smith                                      2012-13

Faculty (At large)                                            Timothy McDevitt                             2011-12

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences                 Kyle Kopko                                       2011-12

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences                 David Kenley                                    2011-12

Professional Studies Faculty                          Rachel Finley-Bowman                    2011-12

Academic Council Representative                  Barry Wittman                                  2012-13

Core Committee Representative                    TBD                                                  2012-13

Admissions Representative                           Jeremy Matula                                   2011-12

Dean of Faculty                                             Fletcher McClellan                            2011-12

Student                                                          TBD                                                   2011-12

Honors Committee (responsible to Academic Council)

The Honors Committee consists of eleven members including the Director who chairs the Committee. Other members include the Dean of Faculty, an Admissions Office designee, an Honors student designee selected by the Director, and faculty designees from the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, pre-professional disciplines, Core Committee, Academic Council, and one faculty member at large. Members serve a one year renewable term unless their service is limited by their Core Committee or Academic Council commitments. The Honors Committee advises the Director in overseeing the Honors Program including the selection and ongoing evaluation of Honors Program participants, determining criteria for Honors credits and courses, selecting and evaluating Honors courses, and making policy decision.

 Independent Study Members (appointed by Academic Council and AC Members)

Chairperson                                              Emma Neuhauser, Chair                  2013-14

Faculty Member                                        Kimberly Adams                               2013-14

Faculty Member                                        Rob Spence                                     2013-14

Independent Study Committee (responsible to Academic Council)

The Committee reviews all course proposals for Independent Studies submitted to the Dean of Faculty. The committee ensures that each proposal contains a suitable statement of the objectives of the project, a list of readings, resources and activities to be included in the project, and an acceptable explanation of the nature and process of the evaluation to be used by the supervising faculty member. The committee is also responsible for parity between the academic involvement and rigor of the proposed project and the number of credit hours requested.

 Academic Occasions Members

President of the College                                 Carl Strikwerda                                           

Provost of the College                                    Susan Traverso

Grand Marshall (Presidential Appointment)    Tom Leap

Faculty (At large)                                            John Rohrkemper                                   2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                            Kurt Barnada                                          2013-116

Faculty (At large)                                            Sarah Daughtrey                                    2012-15

Senior Class President                                  TBD                                                         2013-14

Junior student elected by Student Senate     TBD                                                         2013-14

Academic Occasions Committee (responsible to Executive Council)

The Committee recommends policies and procedures and designates responsibilities for commencement, convocations, and other academic occasions. The Committee is also responsible for an annual review and evaluation of academic occasions and for recommending to Academic Council any necessary revisions in policies or procedures.

Nominating Members

Faculty (At large)                                           Nobuaki Takahashi                      2012-14

Faculty (At large)                                           Shanon Haley-Mize, Chair           2013-15

Faculty (At large)                                           TBD                                             2013-15

President of the Faculty                                 Jeffery Long 

Nominating Committee (responsible to Executive Council

Annual ongoing functions of the Committee shall be: (1)  to prepare an annual slate of nominees for officers and for council and committee positions with consideration being given to equitable representation of disciplinary groups; (2) To prepare a slate of nominees as vacancies occur; To conduct the above elections. The Committee shall also, as necessary, review and make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly regarding the appropriate number and disciplinary representation of faculty on councils and standing committees, and the cycle of tenure of faculty positions on these councils and committees.

 Professional Development Members

Provost/Designee, ex officio without vote      Fletcher McClellan

Physical/Natural Sciences Faculty                 David Bowne                                2013-16                     

Humanities/F&PA/Social Sciences Faculty    Justin Badgerow                           2011-14

Professional Studies Faculty                         Kelly Poniatowski                          2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                           Sara Atwood, Chair                      2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                           Lionda Leimbach                          2013-16

Faculty (At large)                                           Ilan Grave                                     2012-15

Personnel Council Member                           TBD                                              2013-14

Professional Development Committee (responsible to Personnel Council)

The Committee shall develop, coordinate, evaluate, and administer programs which provide continuity and direction for individual faculty growth in accord with college goals in all three areas of responsibility (teaching, professional activity, and service to the College) and shall develop and maintain the resource center on professional development; shall review and recommend policies, procedures, criteria and standards regarding the award of faculty grants; shall approve grants for individual faculty members, or for two or more collaborating faculty members, for development of teaching skills, methodologies and materials; for enhancement of their disciplinary knowledge; or for the support of scholarship and research, including creative and artistic creation or performance; shall regularly disseminate to the faculty application guidelines concerning the awarding and administration of these grants; shall review and recommend policies, procedures, criteria and standards regarding the award for sabbatical and junior leaves; shall screen all applications for leave and shall recommend leaves to the Provost and Senior Vice President and the President for approval.

 Professional Standards Members

Personnel Council Member (contact)             TBD                                                    2013-14

Faculty (At large)                                           Bogdan Doytchinov                             2013-16

Faculty (At large)                                          James MacKay                                     2013-16

Faculty (At large)                                           Diane Bridge, Chair                            2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                           Tamara Gillis                                      2012-15

Faculty (At large)                                           Rachel Finley-Bowman                       2011-14

Faculty (At large)                                           Louis Martin                                        2012-15

Dean of Faculty, ex officio without vote         Fletcher McClellan

 Professional Standards Committee (responsible to Personnel Council)

The Committee shall review and recommend to Personnel Council policies, procedures, criteria and standards directed toward encouraging or evaluating faculty members with respect to the performance of their professional duties. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Provost and Senior Vice President on the awarding of promotion and tenure, and shall also make recommendations concerning questions of professional standing.


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