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4+1 Masters degree in Special Education

4+1 Masters degree in Special Education

4+1 Master's Degree in Special Education" Beginning Fall 2013

Department of Education Faculty and Staff

Meet our Faculty and Staff

All Elizabethtown College courses are taught by faculty members—not teaching assistants as you may find at larger schools. Meet the professionals you'll be seeing everyday.

ED 372 Spring 2014 Travel to Ireland

Take ED 372 this spring; Travel during May Term — 5/19-26

Explore the history, process and practices of peace education and integrated schools in Northern Ireland and the United States with this two credit course. For more information, contact Dr. Rachel Finley-Bowman.

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Department of Education

The mission of the Education Department at Elizabethtown College is to provide its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become thoughtful and responsible teachers who, informed by scholarship and research, are prepared to meet the social, intellectual, and professional challenges of today's culturally diverse and inclusive pre-K to 12 classrooms. We believe that our purpose is best achieved through adherence to the Pennsylvania Department of Education standards for teacher certification, and through modeling research-based practices of effective instruction and assessment within a relationship-centered climate that supports academic excellence.

Our goal is to prepare highly competent, knowledgeable educators in early childhood, elementary middle, secondary, special, art, music, and Spanish education.   Essential components of this preparation are early and frequent field experiences in urban, rural, and suburban settings supervised by certified professionals, and ongoing self-evaluation of knowledge and skill growth through development of a professional portfolio. The capstone assessment is a semester-long student teaching placement that promotes the practical application of theories and best practices learned in program coursework.

Integral to our programs is the department's signature attribute of social justice, exhibited through a curricular focus upon advocacy for equity, civic engagement, global citizenship, and international/comparative perspectives. Education faculty are experts in these fields, conducting, presenting, and publishing their own research, and facilitating opportunities for undergraduate scholarship.

The Student Teaching Placement is the
 capstone of assessment.
student group
Group work discussing Professional Portfolios




civic engagement

  Students have opportunities to be involved in projects relating to Civic Engagement that involve families from the community.

 Multicultural Seminars enforce our Social Justice and global citizenship attributes.
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