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 As part of its general requirements for majors and/or certification, the Education Department expects students to make application into the Teacher Certification Program . This begins with provisional acceptance ( routinely this is done as a first-year student) and this is followed by formal acceptance. (routinely this is done as a sophomore student). Below you will find information on the specific requirements for provisional Acceptance followed by specific information for formal acceptance. 

 Provisional Acceptance  

Application for Provisional Acceptance into the teacher certification program is routinely done as a first-year student during the semester that you will complete both ED 105 &150 or ED151 (typically during Spring semester of your first year)

Students must apply for Provisional Acceptance when the following specific application requirements occur:

  • You have completed at least 27 credit hours;
  • You have completed at least two courses with Education prefixes (ED 105 &ED 150 or ED151)
  • You have an overall GPA of at least 2.8;
  • You have a grade of C or better in all courses with Education prefixes;
  • You must be a declared education major
  • You have submitted a student life clearance (complete the top portion only and bring to Nicarry 143)
  • You must submit an e-portfolio which includes the following information:
    • One picture of yourself
    • Your resume
    • Educational Philosophy
    • Dates of your clearances and TB test
    • PAPA Scores
    • Program Competencies (Can be found in Ms. Shafer's public folder)
    • Description of your experience working with children
    • Sample of your writing (Educational philosophy may be used for this or something such as an article review, lit review, etc)
    • Other items you wish to present in support of your application


 Formal Acceptance

 Application for Formal Acceptance into the Teacher Certification program is routinely done as a sophomore student after completing at least 3 education courses  (typically during spring of your sophomore year ) .

Students must apply for formal acceptance when the following specific application requirements occur:

  • You have completed at least 54 credit hours;
  • You have completed at least 3 courses with education prefixes
  • You have completed 2 math courses and two english courses (one writing composition and one literature)
  • Overall GPA of at least 3.0
  • Proof of an updated TB test (no older than 1 year)
  • Up to date criminal clearances (no older than 1 year) See section above entitled "Clearances" for more information
  • Passing scores for the PAPA tests
  • An e-portfolio which includes updated:
    •  One picture of yourself
    •  Updated resume 
    •  Dates of your clearances and TB test
    •  PAPA scores (if you have taken the tests and are awaiting your scores, please note that on    your portfolio)
    •  Educational Philosophy           
    • Program competencies (can be found in Ms. Shafer's public folder if needed)     
    • Description of your experience working with children 
    • Sample of your writing
    • Other items you wish to present in support of your application
  • Student life clearance- your clearance will be checked by the department for any disciplinary issues. You do NOT need to sign another student life clearance



For all students that will be in a field placement, clearances must be updated each year. If a student studies abroad or does not have a placement for a particular semester their clearances must be updated and made current prior to beginning a new placement.

TB Test: Valid for one year. A copy of your new TB test results should be brought to the Education office in Nicarry 143 to be placed in your file. The health center administers TB tests at a nominal cost. You must schedule an appointment for this service by calling 717-489-1021. Tests may also be administered by your family doctor but results must be sent to you at school so the education department can make a copy of the test results.

Criminal Clearances : You will need to apply for and have proof of valid criminal record clearances prior to taking ED105. Submit copies to the Education office in Nicarry 143. Original criminal clearances are YOUR responsibility and should be stored where you can access them on campus. School districts require seeing the original criminal clearances at the start of a field placement, so take your clearances with you the first week of ALL field placements. For more information on Clearances and for all required applications please click here .


Student Resource Room 

In the Education Department, we provide for student use a Resource Room in order to equip and help students prepare projects, bulletin boards, lessons that are needed for both classes as well as placements. ALL Teacher Certification Program students may access and use any and all materials provided in the resource room. The resource room has items such as markers, crayons, bulletin board paper, Ellison die cut machines featuring 2" and 4" diecuts in shapes such as trees,stars, science beakers, music instruments, holiday die cuts, letters and numbers. A laminating machine, markers, crayons, paint, construction paper, just to name a few. We are happy to be able to provide these resources for our students and look forward to expanding the resources .

Resource Room Hours

Monday-Friday-   9-5        

(Students must check in at Nicarry 143, Education office for Access) 


Monday: 5pm-8pm

     Wednesday: 5pm-8pm

Thursday: 5pm-8pm

Laminating will be done on Monday,Wednesday and Thursday Evenings ONLY. Please allow 24 hours for your laminating projects to be completed.

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