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Global Opportunities in Social Work at E-town

Social Work majors are highly encouraged to study or intern abroad in places such as India.

Why Study Social Work at Elizabethtown College?

We're an active learning community, from fieldwork experience to service-learning and study abroad opportunities.

Areas of Study

Social Work is a multi-faceted profession concerned with change on an individual, community, national, and international level.

About Social Work

If you are interested in pursuing a career in social work, you are likely already passionate about serving others.

Fieldwork and Internships

group of etown social work students in indian dress interning abroadSocial work students at Elizabethtown College are engaged with clients from their very first social work class. Although CSWE accreditation requirements mandate only 400 hours of field experience, our students graduate with over 700 hours of experience. This depth of experience makes them highly desired by graduate schools and employers.

Service Learning

In their three lower level classes, students complete a total of 45 hours of service learning in an urban environment. Sites vary and include elementary schools, low-income housing for the elderly, a parenting program in Harrisburg and working with juvenile delinquents in Lancaster.

Junior Internships

In their junior year, students complete a 40-hour internship each semester in which they shadow a social worker in an area of social work that they select. This introduces them to professional social work and provides experiences that can help determine future career interests. Placements have included elementary schools, nursing homes, foster care agencies and working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Senior Internships

Students interview with agencies they select for a 600-hour internship – 200 hours in the fall and 400 hours in the spring. Alternatively, students can complete their fall internship in another country through our BCA study abroad partner and return to campus for their spring internship (see our Study Abroad page for more information).  Students have interned at Children and Youth Services (paid), Mental Health/Mental retardation (paid), Masonic Village retirement community, The Bair Foundation adoption and foster care services, Milton Hershey School, Dauphin County prison, and York Hospital.

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