The School of Continuing and Professional Studies works with several corporate and organizational partners to provide educational programs for the professional development of their employees.   Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and education you will need to be successful in your career and take your organization to the next level. 

Affinity Pricing Partners

The following institutions are affinity pricing partners with SCPS.   Their employees enjoy a 10% tuition discount off the per-credit rate for all SCPS undergraduate and graduate degree program offerings

If you are an employee of these institutions and are interested in applying to SCPS, please contact an admissions coordinator.

If you have already met with an admissions coordinator and submitted your application, you should proceed to complete and submit the Affinity Pricing Form.

NOTE: Students participating in the affinity pricing program and applying for financial aid will have their financial aid package revised to reflect their discounted tuition rate. 

Beyond affinity pricing, SCPS also offers on-site teaching, cohort models, specialized coursework, and collaborative marketing opportunities.   Please contact Jane Owens, Admissions and Outreach Coordinator , to more fully discuss these options.

Educational Partners

The School of Continuing and Professional Students works with several educational partners to provide seamless credit transfer and collaborative programming.

Elizabethtown College