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Moving Forward Together

A Sweet Mentor Program with The Milton Hershey School

All hands (and hearts) on deck Students bring their “whole selves” to outreach experiences. Eager to give back. Make a difference. Change lives forever—including their own.

Community-based learning comes alive every day at Elizabethtown. One hallmark is Moving Forward Together (MFT), a mentoring outreach program that recruits first-year E-town students and pairs them with high school mentees. The partners remain mentor/mentee for four years—an entire college career for the majority of our students.

The 20-minute drive from Elizabethtown to Hershey brings 60 Milton Hershey School students together with 60 of their college counterparts and allows them to see the value of post-secondary education. Relationships grow and take hold as a result of several skill-building and educational events during the academic year. These experiences benefit both the mentees and the E-town students as they prepare for life after college, pass along their own wisdom and guidance to their mentees and continue a long legacy of service.

In 2014 MFT was designated as a community-based learning option that fulfills one of the two required Signature Learning Experiences (SLE).


  • 60

    high school students from the Milton Hershey School

  • 60

    college students from Elizabethtown

  • 20

    minute drive from Elizabethtown to Hershey

  • 4

    years of relationship-building

60 + 60 + 20 + 4 =
Character and Skills for Success in Life


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