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Campus Services for International Students

International students are integral members of the Elizabethtown College community. As a result, the College is dedicated to providing international students with the resources necessary for a smooth transition to campus life. Some of the campus services available for international students are listed below:

The Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is primarily responsible for the recruitment and selection of all international students. Additionally, this office creates and mails the student's I-20 form once an admission decision is made. The coordinator of international recruitment also determines and awards international scholarships. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at

Chinese students can contact Suping Chen, Assistant Coordinator of International Recruiting.

The Office of Registration and Records

The Office of Registration and Records is responsible for evaluating transcripts for transfer to Elizabethtown and for issuing official Elizabethtown transcripts.

The Office of International Student Services

The Elizabethtown College Office of International Student Services is responsible for the international student orientation program and the day-to-day experiences of all current international students. The Office serves as the on-campus advocate and adviser for all international students.. The Office of International Student Services is the USCIS liaison for students through SEVIS. As such, the Office tracks, processes, and reports changes in the enrollment status of international students. In addition, this office is primarily responsible for scheduling all of the classes for international students.

Safety on Campus

Elizabethtown College has its own campus security office with security personnel providing 24-hour emergency service, campus patrols, and escort services.

Residence hall and dining services

The residential experience at Elizabethtown usually consists of living in a hall with a diverse group of students. Two students are assigned to a room, and international students are typically paired with an American roommate to maximize their English skills and promote intercultural exchanges of information and ideas. Elizabethtown is a residential community in which 85% of students live on campus. The dining services office provides a comprehensive dining program for all Elizabethtown College students. Discover more about campus life at Elizabethtown College.

The dining facilities are organized physically in a "food court" arrangement and allow for a wide variety of foods. Special diets may be accommodated by speaking with the dining services personnel.

Health services and insurance

The health services office and its staff members are dedicated to providing quality and timely health services to Elizabethtown College students. All residential international students must subscribe to the health insurance plan provided by the College. This ensures that students are adequately covered in the event that health care is required.

International Scholarships and Study Abroad

Elizabethtown College's international scholarships are intended to attract a high-achieving and diverse group of international students to campus.

International scholarships are only awarded for semesters that the international student is studying on the Elizabethtown College campus with the exception of instances where a study-abroad experience is required by their major. In these cases, the international scholarship will be applicable for study abroad for a maximum of one or two semesters as required by the major. If the international student chooses to study abroad and the experience is not required for his/her major, the international scholarship is not applicable.

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