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Why Study Biology at E-town?

Whether you are interested in pursuing graduate school, medical school or in finding a rewarding job right after college, you will obtain an outstanding education that will help you achieve your goals.

Specialized Programs

For students interested in the medical field or advanced studies in science, Elizabethtown College offers cooperative degree programs with several affiliate graduate and professional programs.

Biology Faculty Research

The faculty laboratories within the Department of Biology are thriving with research and discovery

Degrees in Biology

The Department of Biology at Elizabethtown College offers three degrees.  Each degree offers other specialized programs within the degree.  Please visit each degree area and explore the section that pertains to your area of interest.

Biology - (B.S.)

Choose from four concentrations to target your career aspirations:

  • Biological Sciences Concentration - prepares the student for a biologically related profession or for graduate school.
  • Pre-Medicine Concentration - prepares the student for entry into professional schools of medicine and related fields such as dentistry, osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry and podiatric medicine. (scroll down page in catalog to see details of program)
  • Allied Health Concentration - prepares the student for entry into the professional allied health science programs such as physical therapy, nursing, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and other professional health fields through cooperative programs with Thomas Jefferson University (scroll down page in catalog to see details of program)
  • Secondary Education Concentration - prepares the student for receipt of Pennsylvania Secondary Educaiton Certification within the framework of the Biology major.  This program provides a strong background in the biological sciences, while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements for secondary teaching certification.

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Biotechnology (B.S.)

This exciting major is at the forefront of biomedical research, genetic engineering and social ethics. The biotechnology major at Elizabethtown College has been specifically designed for students wishing to continue either on to graduate school or pursue a career as a research associate. This program represents ideas gathered from over 100 hospitals, graduate institutions, academic research facilities, and large and small biotech companies. Combining all of this information with the latest in teaching methodology and research, the biotechnology major offers students the cutting edge of scientific research and theory. The problem-based learning methodology allows for student research in the classroom laboratory, during independent research projects, and in established internships.

BS in Biotechnology Degree

BS in Biotechnology + MS in Molecular Medicine Degree

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Environmental Science - (B.S.)

In this program, you will learn the "hard science" necessary to solve environmental problems and also develop the skills to interpret those problems in terms of the larger social, political and economic issues. The curriculum prepares you for entry-level positions with environmental firms, industry or government agencies that require knowledge of environmental principles and methodology, as well as for entry into graduate environmental programs. In addition to providing students with a solid grounding in basic principles, the curriculum also exposes them to the application of those principles through research and/or internships.

BS in Environmental Science Degree

Master of Forestry Management

Masters of Environmental Management

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