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Professional Studies in Business Living Learning Community:

The living learning community is brand new to the Department of Business at Elizabethtown College.  This unique program cultivates a supportive environment in which fifty-eight first-year business students take class, study, and learn together.  All of the students live in Myer Hall where they are able to take advantage of various educational and social resources in a shared learning environment.

Students are enrolled in similar classes, including English, Economics, Accounting, Business and Society, Managerial Preparedness, Career Development, and Business Orientation.  This encourages students to discuss course material and study with one another.

The living learning community provides a tutoring center which students can utilize.  Business tutors are available three days per week to help first-year students with various subjects.  Other programs offered include workshops on study skills, time management, database research, and writing skills.

In addition to the numerous educational benefits, the community also offers many social benefits.  The program provides unique field trips in which students can learn while bonding with each other.  This year students will travel to the Capital, attend a Redskins football game, see a play, and visit Washington DC.

Recent Events in the Living Learning Community:

Faculty members from various areas within the Department of Business recently held information sessions with first-year students to discuss specific concentrations, future courses, and potential career opportunities.  These information sessions, new this semester, will continue throughout May.

On Sunday, November 10th students within the Living Learning Community participated in the "Watch and Learn" movie series conducted by Dr. Williams.  Business students watched the film 42, the story of Jackie Robinson, and later discussed what they learned with their peers and professors.

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