Student Internship Information

Before completion of their degrees, students majoring in Economics, Business or International Business can earn credits for pre-approved internship experiences, for either “paid” or “unpaid” internships.  [NOTE:  Guidelines for students majoring in Accounting are different.  Students majoring in Accounting should refer to the Basic Requirements for Accounting internships.]  

Students seeking to receive course credits for business internships generally must have either junior or senior status and a major grade point average of 2.75 or higher. Exceptions to this guideline need to be specially approved by the internship coordinator. Students may identify appropriate internships on their own, with the help of faculty members or through the Office of Career Services.  In all cases, students need to work as an intern for at least 125 hours (BA470-BA473) or 160 hours (BA474) over a 12-week period during a regular semester or 8 weeks during the summer, engaging in tasks/projects related to their academic major. As noted in the internship section of the college catalog, students may not intern at a company owned or managed, fully or in part, by a family member of the student, nor may the on-site supervisor be a member of the student's family or working under the supervision of a family member.

Even though an internship is not required for Business or Economics majors, they are encouraged to do an internship in their field of study before graduation.  Students majoring in International Business, however, are required to complete an internship related to their major, either in the U.S. or abroad, during a normal semester or during the summer.

Students may take the internship experience for zero credit (BA 470), one credit (BA 471), two credits (BA 472), three credits (BA 473) or four credits (BA 474).  The major difference among these internship credits is the amount of academic work expected. They need to register for the internship during the summer or the semester when they are doing the internship. No credit will be given for an internship course on a retroactive basis.

Students should first review the syllabi to determine which internship experience for credit they would like to choose.  They should then thoroughly review the Instructions for Completing the Learning Contract document, making note that a Job Description needs to accompany the completed Learning Contract.  There is also an Employer Information Form that needs to be completed by the employer.  After completion of both of these documents, attach the Job Description and submit the forms to the department internship coordinator for approval before the registration deadline (Registered by Instructor – RBI). The approved forms will be submitted to Registration & Records and the student will be added to the appropriate section of the course.

Students may engage in multiple business internship experiences, but the maximum number of credits that can be awarded for internships in total is 12. Students will not be awarded internship credit a second time for work performed during a different term in the same position at the same company.

At the conclusion of the internship, the employer completes & returns the Final Evaluation Form to the Internship Coordinator at Elizabethtown College.

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