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Andrew Calnon '16

I feel like I am learning all the time, not only in the classroom. I am thankful to go to a small school where the faculty cares about my personal interests and they are helping me develop those skills needed to make it in the workforce. --Andrew Calnon

For Andrew Calnon, Elizabethtown felt like home the first time he stepped on Alpha Drive. “I chose Elizabethtown because I loved how I felt on campus. I felt like I belonged here,” he says.  He knew that it was the right fit academically as well. He appreciated the fact that E-town is a small school and there are so many opportunities to get involved as a result. He says that these opportunities allow students to play different roles. Students are not solely dedicated to one pursuit, which permits them to expand their horizons every day. 

Andrew Calnon

He is a proud member of the Department of Communications. “Every single one of my communications classes has been interesting and intriguing in some way. The department incorporates real-world learning as well as hands-on learning in the classroom,” Andrew reports. He appreciates the closeness of the department and the strong relationships he has made with Communications professors. 

“I have truly enjoyed learning from professionals in different areas of communications – radio, television, print, corporate, etc. – it has given me a wide understanding of the field and has helped me narrow down my future ambitions and goals,” Andrew says. This diverse education has allowed him to be involved in multiple campus media outlets including television, newspaper, and radio. He has served as the Assistant News Director and News Director for ECTV-40, the Assistant News Editor for The Etownian and as a student DJ. He was able to join all of these organizations his first semester at Elizabethtown. 

Andrew is pursuing a degree in Communications with a concentration in Corporate Communications and wants to work in public relations. His dreams started to take a different path when he studied abroad in Australia during the fall 2014 semester. “I loved the country so much that I want to return and look for a job there. I hope to go into sports or entertainment public relations and/ or work as a communications director for a company or venue,” he stated. 

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