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Masha Tomkus '17

The Communications Department provides its students with many resources to get involved. As a freshman, I was able to sign up for a radio show and write for the Etownian right off the bat. --Masha Tomkus

There were many factors at play in Masha Tomkus’ college decision. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to study. However, after visiting E-town, she was certain that it was the right place to explore various career fields.

Masha Tomkus

“I chose Elizabethtown College because of the small, close-knit, friendly environment and opportunities to get involved. The campus is beautiful and reminds me to take a moment in my hectic lifestyle to be appreciative,” Masha said.

She discovered an interest in learning about the history of communications, the media and skills related to visual and journalistic communications. She decided to join the Communications Department and chose a Corporate Communications concentration her sophomore year. As she advanced in her courses, Masha continued to learn new things and build upon her skill set.

She is glad she found her niche. With the many opportunities she has been offered, Masha has been able to network with campus community professionals and expand her horizons outside of Elizabethtown.

“I have learned to think ahead to my career and align my path at Elizabethtown in a way that will benefit my future. I have also learned more from my professors, bosses and peers than ever before,” Masha reports.

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