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Nick Christie '17

I love being able to know five people whenever I walk out of my dorm. It lets me know that I am actually a part of a larger and very friendly community. --Nick Christie

Nick Christie broke the mold of his former classmates in his hometown of State College to attend Elizabethtown instead of The Pennsylvania State University. As he noted, “I chose Elizabethtown College for the small class sizes and the closeness of the campus community.” Nick is studying Corporate Communications with hopes of working in public relations in the future.

Nick Christie

He has noticed a substantial improvement in his academia skills since attending Elizabethtown, but he admits that he is not the sole reason for this growth. Faculty members’ commitment to their field of study and the assistance of campus support services such as The Writing Wing have made an impact on Nick’s Elizabethtown education. “The professors do a great job of explaining content and Learning Services has helped me proofread my papers to make sure I am turning in the best work I can,” he says.

Nick can be frequently seen in the Steinman Center attending his many extracurricular meetings and events.  He is involved in student-run organizations in both concentrations, Mass Communications and Corporate Communications, a bonus of being an Elizabethtown student. Everyone is welcome to join. As the head of graphic design for ECTV‑40, Nick creates lower thirds for parades, sporting events and news broadcasts. As a member of the Jay Firm, the student Public Relations firm, he applies his talents to create materials such as logos, pamphlets and flyers to publicize events and organizations. He is appreciative of the opportunities he has been given. “I like that I can get started with what I want to do and there are always opportunities for me to grow in my education,” he stated.

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