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Diane Heistand '03

At Elizabethtown College I was a person and my professors knew me by name and not my student ID number. --Diane Heistand

diane heistandFor alumna Diane Heistand, the key to a successful college experience was seeking a school that made her feel as if she was a part of the College, not just a number. It was Elizabethtown College that fit Diane’s ideals.

As a 2003 graduate with a degree in Elementary Education, as well as a concentration in Special Education, she remembers feeling privileged to have been taught, trained and prepared by the influential education staff of the College.

“At Elizabethtown College I was a person, and my professors knew me by name and not my student ID number,” said Diane.

Diane was provided with countless learning opportunities in educational placements, with each placement preparing her in a different way. Such learning opportunities provided by the Education Department at E-town taught Diane invaluable lessons, such as planning, communication skills, dedication, leadership and time management. These skills have facilitated Diane in her current job as a learning support teacher at Manheim (Pa.) Central High School.

Diane's most memorable achievement at E-town was working to organize the special education certification binders for the state. Although the process was demanding, as well as tedious, she said the task was rewarding. After completing the binders, Diane remembers feeling a sense of accomplishment knowing she and the other students who helped with the compilation of the binders were the first graduating class from E-town to depart with teaching certification in Special Education.

“After completing the education program at Elizabethtown College, I was ready to take on the Special Education world!” she said.

With the help of the E-town staff and Diane’s unique learning experience gained at the College, she is currently striving to earn her master’s degree from the University of Michigan as an inclusionary specialist.

--by Jordyn Howe '13

Elizabethtown College