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Annemarie Hartzell '16


As a junior history major at Elizabethtown, I have taken various courses ranging from American to European history. Each has improved my skills of analyzing primary sources and presenting my findings in a concise manner. In addition, I have worked on campus by digitizing  college photographs  as well as  historic audio and video recordings  and cataloging them in online webpages. Each of these experiences prepared me for my internship at Wenger Feeds, a local agricultural services firm for which I wrote a corporate history in collaboration with Wenger employees. I deployed and further enhanced my skills as a historian my sifting through the company archives, determining the most relevant information, and presenting it in an organized fashion. By processing historic photographs, I honed my skills of photo-editing. I also gained valuable experience with collaborative research and writing, and I am proud of the book that my teammates and I produced.
Elizabethtown College