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The history program at Elizabethtown College covers all periods of Western history, as well as the history of non-Western regions around the world.

Why Study History at Elizabethtown

Small classes; right history; no boundaries...

David Boretti '15db

My studies in history, along with engineering, have prepared me extremely well for my post-graduate life because of how rigorously I have been challenged throughout the past four years.  I have honed my verbal communication and presentation skills in particular, thanks largely to projects and presentations that I have completed as a part of the history curriculum. Repeated practice has made me calmer and more confident in front of an audience, big or small, thereby preparing me for the working world.  Additionally, the Elizabethtown History Department has taught me a variety of methodologies and how to adjust to each professor’s unique style.  This experience will translate very well to my new job at M&T Bank, where I will be entering the company’s fast-track management development program. In this position, I will be delivering presentations on a regular basis and working with colleagues and customers from a variety of backgrounds and with many different perspectives. Finally, the history faculty, and in particular Dr. Kenley and Dr. Ricci, have inspired me to consider a career in education down the road.  I have often thought about being a professor, and while I currently am taking a job right out of school, I plan on returning to graduate school in a few years to pursue a higher level of education.  Overall, I am very grateful for all that the History Department here at Elizabethtown College has done for me.

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