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Jasmine Gollup, ‘09

Jasmine Gollup

I entered Elizabethtown College my freshman year knowing that I wanted to major in history, but unsure what I ultimately wanted to do with my degree. The flexibility of the History Department allowed me to indulge my curiosity and explore other fields, ultimately leading me to double major in History and Sociology/Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology.

After graduating from Elizabethtown in 2009, I obtained a Master of Arts in Archaeology at Cornell University (2010) followed by immediate employment as an archaeological field technician at Historic St. Mary's City. I am currently the Laboratory Director for the Lost Towns Project, an archaeological research group in Anne Arundel County Maryland. My career perfectly combines my love of history with my passion for hands on research.

 The skills I obtained as a history major played a key role in my admittance to and successful completion of graduate school and are skills that I use every day. The ability to think critically, write well, and work independently are skills the History Department actively fosters in each student, and those skills are invaluable for any career. 

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