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Dr. Montserrat Linares

Spanish Education
Dr. Charla Lorenzen

The study of Spanish is culturally relevant, personally rewarding and professionally profitable. As one of the world’s most widely-spoken languages and as the second largest in terms of native speakers, learning Spanish is a worthwhile endeavor. What is more, according to the U.S. Census, “more than half of the growth in the total population of the United States between 2000 and 2010 was due to the increase in the Hispanic population.” Clearly, knowledge of Spanish is relevant and beneficial to students, opening their world to new opportunities and adventures. Bilingual speakers of English and Spanish figuratively have the world at their feet.

Our faculty is dedicated to helping you achieve success. The Spanish division within the Department of Modern Languages offers two majors, each leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts:

  • B.A. Spanish
  • B.A. Spanish with K-12 Education Certification

Both degree programs stress language proficiency and cultural understanding. These objectives are supported by our commitment to excellence in teaching, our flexible and varied course offerings, and our selection of off-campus programs. Students spend two semesters in the target culture through departmentally-approved programs including Barcelona, Spain, Quito, Ecuador, and Xalapa, Mexico. While on campus, students also have opportunities to interact with members of the Hispanic community from around the region, as well as our rather large number of international students.

The study of Spanish is immensely rewarding in and of itself, but is also valuable to other fields, including International Studies, Business, Social Work, Political Science, History, and Art, to name a few. Our faculty will eagerly discuss with you opportunities to double major or minor, and to talk with you about many career options ahead of you.


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