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Co-op's, Internships, and Study Abroad

Co-op Program

A co-op experience is for students willing to complete their major within five years. This extra year allows for alternating semesters between classes and working for a company, allowing the student to graduate with one full year of engineering experience. The co-op experience allows the student to take on larger, longer-term projects. Hear about it.


Internships allow upper class students to gain work experience during a semester by completing tasks under the supervision of a company mentor. Some students end up employed by the firm where they did their internships!

Study Abroad

We've partnered with BCA Study Abroad to offer four programs that fit into the four-year plan for our Majors:

New Zealand – Spend the fall semester (July through November) of junior year studying at University of Otago in New Zealand – the country's oldest and most prestigious university.

Ireland – Spend the fall semester of junior year in Elizabethtown's sister city Letterkenny, Ireland studying at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

Gambia – Spend a semester at the University of the Gambia working on renewable energy projects - learn AND serve out our College's mission. This program allows you to experience life in a developing country.

Ecuador – This program in Quito, Ecuador, is a language intensive program, requiring prior Spanish classes. Program is available spring semester of sophomore year.

There are also many other Study abroad opportunities offered through BCA, which represents 125 U.S. Colleges and Universities, and has it's headquarters on the Elizabethtown College Campus. Additionally, Elizabethtown College has many other international opportunities through our Office of Study Abroad Programs, and our Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking run by Ambassador John B. Craig.

Student-Teaching and Peer tutoring

For physics education majors, there are plenty of opportunities to gain teaching experience by tutoring classmates or working as departmental teaching assistants. And to fulfill the department of education requirements, secondary physics education majors also student teach.

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