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About Engineering and Physics

The Department of Engineering and Physics at Elizabethtown College is unique: small in size, big on quality.

Engineering and Physics Projects

Elizabethtown Engineering and Physics students are involved in numerous projects in and around campus.

Facilities, Labs and Equipment

The Department of Engineering and Physics, located in the Masters Center for Science, Mathematics & Engineering, encompasses a collection of state-of-the-art laboratories and research spaces as well as areas for students to gather and study.


Students are required to participate in projects as part of their curriculum, and often initiate or extend required projects with club initiatives in FEAST (Future Energies & Sustainable Technologies club) or RMI (Robotics & Machine Intelligence club). Projects are often highlighted during our annual symposiums as part of scholarship day -- an all-day campus-wide event of student research that may even include Freshman engineering competition. Recently, much of our student research and curriculum has become focused on sustainability; and our entire college has been moving towards more sustainability. This has even become one of our President's Strategic Plan initiatives.

 Senior Projects

Brain-Wave Control of Assistive Robotics (C. Janssen ’13, J. Kelly ’13)
Development of a New Social Business and Appropriate Technology in West Africa (E. McCarthy ’13, J. Rowlands ’13, E. Vogel ’13, N. Young, ’13)
Wind Chime for Music Therapy (D. Bartyczak ‘13, N. Caudill ’13, M. Hessenauer ‘13)
Modular Instrument Support for Music Therapy (K. Gable ’14, S. Hein ‘13, S. Weller ‘13, K. Wilt ‘13)
Automotive Integrated Computer System (D. Albury ’13, A. Horn ’13)
Thermoacoustic Refrigerator (P. Dixon ’13)
Reduced Effort Industrial Workstation Crane (N. Seaman ’13, B. Risser ’13)
High-end Phoenix Contact Technologies for International Green Initiatives (J. Kelly ’13)

Solar Panel Sun Tracking (E. Starkey ’12, A. Vanderpool ’12, M. Yorgey ’12)
Solar Panel Cooling (M. Rice ’12 and S. Sheehan ’12)
SunPlug: Plugging into the Sun (G. Koep ’12 and A. Vanderpool ’12)
Project E-Rod: A Personal Transportation Unit (P. Albor ’12, C. Glass ’12, J. Hypnarowski ’12)
Harnessing the Sun: Solar Power at Elizabethtown College (G. Koep ’12)
The Computational Analysis of Lamella Orientation and Size in Ultra-High Molecular Weight  Polyethylene (K. Seymour ’12)
Steel Tubing and Welding Fatigue Test Analysis: A BMX Approach (B. Wenger ’12)
E-TRK: Development of Real-Time Motion-Capture Software (K. Seymour ’12 and R. Speiden ’12)
Granola Packaging (G. Moi ’12, D. Boyer ’12, K. Hersom ’12)
Design and implementation of a Fiber-Optic Communication Link (T. Aung ’12)

Wunderbot Vision Upgrades (M. Conlow ’11)
Genetic Algorithms (A. Jordan ’11)
Automated Hydroponic Garden Using a Phoenix Contact NanoLC PLC (D. Fenton
and J. Westman ‘11)
Assistive Technology Controller and Virtual Keyboard (A. Jordan ’11, C. Ramos ’11, P. Brenner ‘11)
Regulating the Temperature of Solar Panels (B. Horst ’11)

Design and Construction of a Hydraulic Press (T. Iezzi ’11)
Brushless DC Motor Control (J. Peropat ’11)
Study of a Guitar’s Natural and Pinch Harmonics (C. Oswald ’11)
Neural Network Based Traffic Control (M. Drob ’10 and J. Macus ’10)
Wunderbot V System Integration (M. Patrick ’10)
Novel Techniques in Halyomorpha Halys (M. Eckenroth ’10)
PTU: Personal Transportation Unit (D. Schmidt ’10, B. Bolling ’10 and T. Stepp ’10)
Musical Conducting Training Platform: Using the Nintendo Wii Remote as an Infrared Camera to Monitor Hand Position (E. Metz ’10)

Design & Implementation of a Hydraulic System in Tempest Theatre (J. Schwetz and R. Mains ’10)
Client-Server Data Application System for High Steel Structures, Inc. (T. Lwin Aung ’10)
Development and Efficiency of Green Roofing Systems (A. Soltis ’10)

Digital Motor Controller for Electric Car (N. Diaduk ’09)
Personal Transportation Unit (D. Lappin ’09 and J. Hypnarowski ’09)
Use of a Judo Breakfall Technique to Reduce Hip Impact Force During a Lateral Fall (S. Lehman ’09)
An Undergraduate Study of “From Big Crunch to Big Bang” (B. Bear ’09)
Automation Application for Phoenix Contact nanoLC Programmable Logic Controllers (J. Cain ’09)

Secondary Hydrogen Energy Storage System: Design and Implementation of a Device and Control System for Storage of Excess Solar Energy (G. Chong S'08)
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Freezing Experiment (C. Yorgey S'08)
Unlocking a Door with a Cellphone (A. Carrow and C. Weaver S'08)
Wireless Open Source Digital Audio Server (D. Graybeal S'08)
Wunderbot Wireless Communication  (J. Crouse S'08)
Wunderbot Vision (J. Painter S'08).
Wunderbot Path Planning (D. Coleman S'08)

Robotics & Machine Intelligence Projects prior to 2008 archived HERE


2014 EGR433 Advanced Computer Engineering - Computer Design Competition:


2014 Mobile Wellness Truck Competition (5 Teams, over $5500 in awards)

Other Architecture Projects


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