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Why Study Here?

Quality Assured

Our ABET-accredited engineering program has met the standards necessary to produce graduates who are ready to enter their professions. Students who graduate from our ABET-accredited program have access to enhanced opportunities in employment; licensure, registration and certification; graduate education and global mobility.

A distinctive learning community

A small student body taught by eight professors, plus adjunct faculty with a wealth of experience, a  full-time physics research scientist, and a full-time fabrication technician. Also, upperclassmen who mentor new students. There aren't many ABET accredited engineering degrees at schools of less than 2000 students with the a broad liberal arts tradition. Our BS Engineering and BS Computer Engineering degrees are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Project-based curriculum, projects that make a difference

Autonomous robots for environmental sampling or search & rescue, solar-powered boats, cars, and cabins, and sustainable engineering projects as far away as Africa. Our engineering projects are a collaboration of student & faculty research. Most students complete multidisciplinary design and prototype-building team projects in all four years, and these projects almost always have a significant international, sustainable, or service component to them which rings true to the College's mission of "Educate for Service." Recently, students in Club FEAST (Future Energies and Sustainable Technologies) built a solar boat for international competition, a solar cabin, and electric cars and charging stations; Students in the Robotics & Machine Intelligence Club built an autonomous robot for international competition in 2004, 2006, and 2008, and are always creating new robots and forms of machine intelligence (see RMI projects since 1999, and a video of the robot at our main corporate sponsor, Phoenix Contact). In 2012/13, hydroponic gardens and green architectural engineering projects became popular, a very exciting trebuchet competition was completed by our 50 Freshman, and new international projects were started in West Africa and Costa Rica. Some students present their research at regional and international meetings of professional societies, and several have been sent abroad to present their research (Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Puerto Rico). These opportunities are quite unique for undergraduate students, yet they're routinely available at Elizabethtown College. Read a related article in ASEE Prism Magazine on project-oriented collaborative efforts with other departments and organizations; and also read about one of our annual student research symposiums where we celebrate the accomplishment of our students.

Learning experientially

We encourage students to get good summer jobs in their career areas, and we're often responsible for finding those jobs. Exposure to the career field outside the classroom helps students find employment after graduation. In recent years, nearly half our returning students had summer positions. Students work in paid summer engineering positions with federal and state governments, world-class research laboratories, and high profile companies such as Phoenix Contact, Bechtel, Intel, Hershey Foods, McCormick, Lutron, Lucent, and Sandia National Laboratories. Additionally, many students are likely to work for our department as tutors, lab assistants, or computer administrators, for the Learning Center as tutors, or for the Computer Center.

Graduate success

Our focus is on mentoring, coaching, and guiding students to not only success in making a living, but  in also living fulfilling lives. Each year, several graduating students enroll in full-time Ph.D. and Masters programs in Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering, -- at schools such as Stanford, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Penn State, Dartmouth, Carnegie Mellon, University of Delaware, University of Massachusetts, University of Notre Dame, University of Arkansas, Drexel , Rochester Institute of Technology, Southern Methodist University, and Temple. Recent graduates have also continued their studies in law and medicine. Most of our majors enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, and have been hired by world-class companies and institutions such as Intel, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Goodyear, Raytheon, Phoenix Contact, Armstrong, Johns Hopkins, Bechtel, and the NSA. For example, see a snapshot of the graduate schools and employment of some of our Computer Engineering graduates.

Meet our Students

Meet a few of our current Engineering & Physics students and learn more about their experiences in and out of the classroom. Meet them below, or view all profiles here.

Joshua Rowlands '13

“Here you can actually have a relationship with advising from professors. It sounds cliché, but you don’t realize the value until you experience it.” –Rowlands. read more

Eleanor McCarthy '13

 “E-town is the total package… small but mighty.” --McCarthy read more

Nathan Caudill '13

"Engineering is a way of applying math, logic and creativity to solve problems." --Caudill read more

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