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Jeff Long

Learn from Internationally Known Faculty

Dr. Jeff Long, professor of religion at Elizabethtown College, publishes and speaks internationally on the subject of religious pluralism.

Leadership and Patel

Why Interfaith Leadership Studies?

Interfaith leadership and service are increasingly important in the arena of global politics, but also matter greatly in local communities, suburbs, and cities. We have national partnerships with Eboo Patel's Chicago-based Interfaith Youth Core, and have sponsored students to attend the IFYC Interfaith Leadership Institute.


Why Religious Studies?

In the 21st century, religion is as powerful a force in the world as it has ever been. In our program, you can learn about the religions of the world from books, and also from real-world experiences. We have connections with many local and regional churches, synagogues, and temples.

Spring 2015 Schedule and Tentative Schedule Fall 2015-Spring 2016


Fall 2015


FYS 100: Watchmen and American Scriptures (Newton)
FYS 100:  Wisdom of Yoda (J Long)
FYS 100: Big Theological Questions (Sadd)
REL 101: Signifying Religion (WCH) (Newton)
REL 225: Hebrew Bible and ANE (NCH, GWR) (Bucher)
REL 253: Theology through Film (Sadd)
REL 284: Anabaptist & Pietist Groups (Bach)
REL 290: Dharma Traditions  (NCH)(J Long)
REL 293: Islam (Newton)
REL 323: Women, Gender, & Hebrew Bible (WGS elective) (Bucher)
REL 344: Nonviolent Ethics of MLK (M Long)
ILS 330:  Comparative Theology and Interfaith Engagement  (J Long)
REL 490: Senior Seminar

Spring 2016

REL 101: Signifying Religion (WCH) (Newton)
REL 103: Religion & Nonviolence (HUM) (M  Long)
ILS 105:  Exploring Interfaith Leadership & Service (HUM)(Sadd)
REL 225: Hebrew Bible and ANE (NCH, GWR) (Bucher)
REL 290: Dharma Traditions  (NCH)(J Long)
REL 226: New Testament (WCH) (Newton)
REL 331: Ethnicity, Gender, and Religion (WGS Elective) (Newton)
REL 325: Reading the Bible through Visual Art and Literature (New REL seminar) (Bucher)
REL 392: Religion in China and Japan (J Long) 
REL 393: Indian Philosophy (J Long) online
REL 491: Senior Seminar II


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