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Tentative Schedule Fall 2015-Spring 2016


This is the tentative course schedule for the next two years. It is subject to change, but will help students plan their schedules so as not to miss their opportunity for any of the courses.

Fall 2015

REL170 - Signifying Religion
REL225 - Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East
REL284 - Anabaptist and Pietist Movement
REL290 - Dharma Traditions
REL293 - Islam
REL344 - Nonviolent Ethics of Martin Luther King Jr.
REL393 - Indian Philosophy
REL490 - Senior Seminar I

Spring 2016

REL103 - Religion and Nonviolence
REL105 - Exploring Religion and Religions
REL170 - Signifying Religion
REL226 - New Testament
REL2XX - Islam in America
REL290 - Dharma Traditions
REL3XX - Reading the Bible through Art and Literature
REL3XX - Comparative Theology
REL491 - Senior Seminar II


(Last updated: 9/11/14)

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