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David Latimore '15

"Along with a supportive staff, all of the social work majors bring all sorts of backgrounds and experiences that have led them to choose this as a major.  It really diversifies who we are as a student body."

David LatimoreDavid Latimore is an Elizabethtown local.  He has been on the campus many times throughout his life; his mother accepted a job as Athletic Director in 1994, and he always knew that he would end up obtaining his Bachelor's degree here at Elizabethtown College.  As a member of the lacrosse team, David knows how important it is to work with others.  The lacrosse team's motto for the 2014 season is "Together".  David and the rest of his team mates know that individual achievements rely heavily on what they can accomplish as a team.                                                                     

"I think this also applies to our (social work) department.  All that we accomplish in the classroom as teachers and students is all dedicated to our service in the future."

David expresses that the Social Work Department professors are very committed to their work, with a strong interest in their respective fields.

Throughout his previous years of social work education, David has had the opportunity to engage in social work practice in different settings.  As part of lower-level social work course requirements, students are to participate in at least 15 hours of service learning.  During his first year, David completed his service learning hours with Samara Truancy Program, where he worked with young children and families of low socio-economic status.  When children are truant from school, by Pennsylvania state law, parents have an option to attend a 6 week parenting course.  The course focuses on learning strategies to empower them to work positively with both their children and the school system.

During his sophomore year, David completed his service learning hours at Conestoga View Nursing Home.  While there, he worked with geriatric clients living with disabilities.

"It was fun to be able to hear their stories and I think they appreciated being able to spend time with the younger generation."

Now in his junior year, David is interning at the Milton Hershey School in the middle division.  He is active in the group "Trailblazers", which teaches leadership skills and nurtures academic success.  David meets with groups of students in grades 5 through 8 over lunch.  He assists in teaching lessons on how to be a leader and how to set a good example for peers.  He hopes to work with the adolescent population post-graduation and sees this as an opportunity to gain quality experience in this field of social work.

"Working with the kids is the highlight of my week; they're always full of energy and love to talk."



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