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W W W . E T O W N . E D U

Christian Peace and Nonviolence:

A Documentary History

A comprehensive survey of 2,000 years of Christian voices for peace, this comprehensive reader recounts the Christian message of peace and nonviolence from the Sermon on the Mount to the 21st century. Through testimony by the con-fessors and martyrs of the early church, the voices of medieval figures such as St. Benedict and St. Francis, as well as Erasmus, and the Lollards, Anabaptists and Quaker abolitionists, “Christian Peace and Nonviolence” presents a coherent story in which the peace message of Jesus is restored to central place. Later sections highlight many of the great prophets of modern times, including Tolstoy, Dorothy Day, A.J. Muste, Thomas Mer-ton, Daniel Berrigan and Oscar Romero. Their challenge remains timely and urgent.

Edited by Michael G. Long, associate professor of religious studies and peace and conflict studies Forward by Stanley Hauerwas

In May 2011, Elizabethtown College launched a redesigned website. * Revamped from the inside out, the new website features an updated design, a dynamic home- page, enhanced navigation, and an im-proved user experience. The website caters to internal and external audiences, equally serving the needs of prospective students and faculty members, staff members and current students.

Not only does the website feature bold colors, vibrant graphics and updated photography, it also contains fresh content, including student profiles. Each academic department webpage highlights current students and alumni by way of profiles, while the Surprise Yourself ! page shares more in-depth stories of how our students and faculty members carry on the Elizabethtown mission. Sprinkled throughout the website are sliding graphics and videos, providing interactive elements.

The single MyEtown page has been re-placed with four audience gateways: Current Students, Faculty/Staff, Parents, and Visitors. Each gateway features links and information relevant for its intended audience. A fifth gateway links directly to the alumni website. An updated news and events section is in place, and the implementation of shareable content across the website—such as RSS feeds and promotional graphics—allows for easier, more targeted delivery of information. Websites often are the first point of contact, especially in higher education, and are highly influential in the decision-making process. According to a July 2011 report re-

E town . edu Extreme Makeover

leased from OmniUpdate, Noel-Levitz and National Research Center for College and University Admissions, 64 percent of stu-dents and 73 percent of parents say a poor college website experience would negatively affect their perception of a college or cause them to eliminate the school from their list of choices.

Click around and check out what’s new. And please share feedback with the College web team by sending an email to

*Editor’s note: The website redesign applies to Blue Jay Athletics, Elizabethtown College Alumni Association, Edward R. Murphy Center for Continuing Education and Distance Learning and the S. Dale High Center for Family Business operate and maintain independent websites.

Coupled with the new website launch, the College is engaging in more two-way com-munication and social sharing. A Facebook feed and links to the offcial Elizabethtown Flickr, YouTube and Twitter accounts are located in the footer of the website.

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“The College has received positive feedback on the new design. We’ve heard it’s easier to fnd information in the new site.”

Donna Talarico, web content editor, Elizabethtown College

Page 30 - magazine-2011-fall

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