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Fall is a favorite time of year for many of us. Fresh, cool air floods in, washing away the heat and humidity. The singular greenness of summer shifts to a riot of color and brilliance. How appropriate that your Elizabethtown magazine also is turning over a new leaf with the arrival of this energizing season.

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E-town College and Wheatland Chorale A Musical Partnership

Elizabethtown College saved the following resources by using 30% post-consumer fber.

36 mature forest trees:

Producing enough oxygen for 72 people annually.

15,133 gallons of water:

Enough water to take 502 10-minute showers.

25 million BTUs of energy:

Enough energy to power an average American household for 88 days.

3,292 pounds greenhouse gases:

Carbon sequestered by 37 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

1,672 pounds of solid waste:

Trash thrown away by 355 people in a single day.


With this issue, we are pleased to introduce a fresh design and new editorial voices. Notably, we are utilizing the power of the College’s new website (see article on page 28) by moving a number of editorial sections online, creating opportunities to use the printed magazine differently and present content to readers in engaging and interac-tive ways. You’ll find the sections, formerly

The stage is set for Elizabethtown College and the Wheatland Chorale to make beauti-ful music together through a new partner-ship announced in the spring. The College and the Wheatland Chorale signed a “Letter of Mutual Understanding” to recognize the Chorale as a resident artistic organization, effective July 1, 2011.

Partnering with Elizabethtown, the Chorale hopes to present performances each year in the Leffler Chapel and Performance Center, plans to further enhance its artis-tic quality, increase its performances and geographic reach and build on its reputa-tion toward becoming the premier choral ensemble of this region.

In turn, the College will provide space for the Chorale’s office and music library, will support the music organization’s operat-ing budget and will provide professional fundraising and marketing counsel.

“I am delighted that the Wheatland Chorale has chosen Elizabethtown Col-lege to be its home,” said Carl Strikwerda, president of the College. “We look forward to many years of creative partnership to showcase great choral music in this region.” Established in 1987, the Wheatland Chorale maintains a reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s premier choral ensembles, reaping the talents of volunteer performers from Lancaster and Berks counties. “The Wheatland Chorale is pleased and excited to be joining with Elizabethtown College in a continuing commitment to provide great choral music to the region,” said Wheatland Board Chair Stephen Welz. “We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with an insti-tution of such high caliber and reputation.”

titled “Celebrating Accomplishments” and “Passages,” in the online version of the magazine beginning with the January 2012 issue.

Additionally, in the interest of conser-vation and sustainability, the magazine is produced using only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified printers. FSC-certi-fied organizations comply with the highest social and environmental standards in the industry and demonstrate their commitment to responsible forest management. By reduc-ing the page count, using online resources and utilizing FSC-certified printers, we are being good stewards of our natural world. Please share your feedback and com-ments by emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

Executive Editor Elizabeth Braungard (left) and Editor Amy Mountain (right).

Page 4 - magazine-2011-fall

This is a SEO version of magazine-2011-fall. Click here to view full version

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