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B iology

David Bowne is participating in an intensive water-quality investigation of Big Summer Run in West Lampeter Township, Pa., which was funded by a $200,000 Regional Applied Research Effort grant. Jane Cavender co-authored “Correlation between p53 and Rb-Binding Activities of SV40 T-Antigen and the Ability to Block Differentiation of

Pre-Adipocytes” with Frank Pankowicz ’11 and “SV40 Large T Antigen Interaction with TATA-Binding Protein is Abrogated by W94A or F98A Amino Acid Substitutions within the pAb 416 Epitope” with John Fuesler ’11, which the students presented at the April 2011 annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science.

Bus iness

Ed Chung , Cristina Ciocirlan and Carolan McLarney, Dalhousie University, published “Against All Odds: A Strategic Analysis of the Fall of Hong Kong, 1941” in the journal Management Decision.

Chung informed a story in The Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pa.) about a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Sanjay Paul published “India was one of President Obama’s Few Friends on Asia Tour” and “Policies Have Helped the Economy Recover” in The Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pa.). Tom Scheiding informed a WHP-21 (Harrisburg, Pa.) story about rising gas prices. Hossein Varamini and Bingye Mu ’10 published “The Day of the Week Effect in the U.S. Stock Market” in the Journal of the Academy of Finance. At the March 2011 annual meeting of the Academy of Finance, Varamini presented “The Effects of Human Capital in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment,” which he co-authored with Stephen McGonigle ’10, and served as a discussant and session chair.

Chemi stry and B iochemi stry

Kristi Kneas , Matthew Myers ’11, Christopher Strulson ’09 and John Tellis ’12 published “Relative Humidity Sensors Based on an Environment-Sensitive Fluorophore in Hydrogel Films” in the journal Analytical Chemistry. Kneas also presented awards from the American Chemical Society Southeastern Pennsylvania Section to the Chemistry Division winners at the North Museum Science and Engineering Fair. James MacKay and

Richard Papez judged the North Museum Science and Engineering Fair. MacKay , Lauren Eltringham ’14, Morgan Wenner ’14, Kayla Myers ’14 and Nicholas Wetzel ’10 judged the Lititz Area Mennonite School eighth grade science fair. Jeff Rood presented his research on metal-organic frameworks in December 2010 at Millersville University. Rood also supervised the middle school division of the Central Pennsylvania Science Olympiad.

Papez judged the Warwick High School science fair.

Ce l e brat i ng A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s

EC SIFE project team (shown L to R) Benjamin Hamilton ’11, Holden Eckles ’14 and Jaclyn Zylka ’14 led an eco-friendly project at Martin’s Country Kitchen and Gift Shop with support from Sam’s Club Environmental Sustainability Challenge.

EC S I FE Partners wi th Sam’ s Club on Sustainab i l i ty Effort

Thanks to a grant from Sam’s Club Environmental Sustainability Challenge, Students In Free Enterprise of Elizabethtown College (EC SIFE) recently served up some energy savings at Martin’s Country Kitchen and Gift Shop in Elizabethtown, Pa. The project was one of 14 that EC SIFE conducted during the 2010–2011 academic year as part of its “People, Profit and Planet” effort.

In February 2011, EC SIFE was awarded $1,000 through the Sam’s Club grant program. With funding in hand, an EC SIFE team—including Benjamin Hamilton ’11, Jaclyn Zylka ’14 and Holden Eckles ’14—and Martin’s owners launched a project to improve the business’ energy efficiency. “They wanted to replace all of the lighting in their gift shop with P8 lighting,” explains Eckles. “P8 lighting is an energy-efficient fixture that uses much less electricity than typical recessed lighting fixtures.” As the total cost of the lighting and installation exceeded the grant, EC SIFE kicked in funds to make the project possible.

This was Hamilton’s second eco-friendly collaboration with Martin’s. “Two years ago, we did a similar project in which we replaced the lighting in their kitchen,” he explains, noting that the undertaking also received Sam’s Club funding. “During this year’s effort, I learned a lot about dealing with a small business.”

Following the installation, the team educated Martin’s customers about the project and gauged its effect on their perception of the business. Zylka hopes their work posi-tively impacted both Martin’s bottom line and the customers’ views on sustainability. “We polled the restaurant patrons to see if they liked the new lights and printed placemats that provided eco-friendly tips for homes,” she explains. “I am very interested in ‘going green’ and by participating in this project I could help others do the same.” Advising the group was adjunct faculty member Kristen Evans-Waughen and Associate Professor of Economics Emeritus Hugh G. Evans Jr. Over the past five years, EC SIFE and the local Sam’s Club have worked together on projects to combat hunger, improve energy efficiency and raise funds for EC SIFE’s educational projects.

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